My civilized (sorta) rant

I agree with you about how the forums call for nerfs too much, but half the time they are made by posters who have been on the forums for 1 day. Clearly only making an account to complain.

My biggest issue is that people only call for nerfs against the troops that they struggle against on defense. I rarely see someone objectively sit back and look at all the troops (both attack prominent and defense prominent) and decide what troops could use some tweaking.


but the troops that are strong on attack and meh on defense need no tweaking :wink:
the game is about fun and such units maintain fun!

anyway about the orcs i think half of it is not about the orcs exactly but the gw difficulty bug that just happened to hit orcs this week :joy:

+1 for king potato


50% Devour is working as intended based on your experience 0% for the player, 100% for the AI. :wink::wink::wink:


I disagree about Famine I have lost a few GW and PvP battles because of him after his nerf. I have used Famine a few times in GW and if he doesn’t get devoured on turn 2 or 3 I find him pretty good.

I agree about Kerberos he is a pain in the ass when he devours but he isn’t too hard to beat even with a heap of extra stats and his summoning trait while annoying definitely didn’t need a nerf. I haven’t even bothered using him since his nerf.

Also agree about dragons I have lost a battle or 2 to them when they get a loop going but they are too easy to beat usually.

I don’t know if you are talking about my Orc thread but I am not calling for a nerf I have been losing to them a lot in GW and wanted to complain a bit.


To be fair the “Dragon” Nerf was one individual starting player that did want to try a single different troop to handle a specific enemy type. It wasn’t the community at large.

I fortunately missed the ‘Orcs’ are OP thread. We don’t have the +50% Orcs on console, and they are about as OP as Centaurs.

“NERF CENTAURS Thread next week”!

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@Maxx no not your orc thread this one

Devs, why do you do that?

Edit: i found your orc thread and remembered it. Definitely not you im talking about. You even made it clear you weren’t asking for nerfs😎

Yet. They’re coming in 2 weeks most likely.

They can nerf or buff whoever they want, just fix that stupid Justice, she is everywhere and is the real game breaker right now. Of course it will be fix in 3 months but you can make sure everyone going to exploit it untill the last minute.

Wonder why they don’t block the troop when it’s broken, same happened when maw was able to refill another maw with his spell,

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I suggested that mechanism be added to the game (for the developers) and many, many, many, people said it was completely unnecessary. Most of them are gone now. The few that are left are all PC players who don’t understand

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People want to take the easy road so of course they don’t wan’t to be fair play, they going to take the shortcut.

We not talking about 2-3 weeks, it’s a freaking 3 months with this shit, i wonder how many people going to quit cause of this.

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agree call for orc nerf is stupid.
disagree Famine and Kerb were not needed.
disagree Famine and Kerb are weak now, they are still everywhere in PvP and still dangerous.
The only dragon that is a bit on the overstrong is Krys, but i don’t want it nerf, what i want is to use him as an exemple of a strong card, when they come up with new things and troop. I think there must be about 100 troops that do a thing and you can just say: “Krys does it better.” I want to buff everything to Kryst level!


@Rickygervais Yeah, I had the opportunity to play a bit this afternoon and Global chat was wall to wall Justice complaints. By complaints I’m mean a “Swear Storm”. I not sure if the developers have ever gone on console chat yet.

I was thinking they could save everyone a ton of time on console if you just got the defeat screen the second Justice obtained its Mana.


As this is your personal rant thread, I take it you’re not expecting any dissenting voices. As it’s a forum, I am going to add one.

I think nerfs are needed from time to time. The game does benefit, as it improves variety in what we see. The game would benefit even more from having more troops buffed, and from stabilising at a relative power line rather than seeing power creep ever upwards.

I don’t see many things in the game right now that cry out for a nerf. I wasn’t over-fussed on Famine - and the issue with Kerberos was the pairing with FG, which still works and still adds a coin-toss insta-screw-you which I don’t approve of. I dislike how Krystenax and Khorvash, for example, do way much more damage and stuff for their mana costs than supposedly equivalent rarity troops. But neither is screwing variety right now.

I will call out possible nerfs in advance on the spoilers thread where things look too far away from the norm. I usually get these right, insofar as the devs typically agree - and I know after 2.5 years here that they aren’t unduly swayed by forum rants either way.

Orcs are worrying me this week, but I think it’s probably the 50% stat boosts coupled with the current oddities in gem-spamming, and will pass. GarNok does concern me a little, as no spell should be putting 22 gems on a 64 gem board - but once Orc stats are back to normal I suspect this will be an annoyance rather than a lethal endless combo set-off. We shall see.

Lastly, sorry but I really despise this bit:

…that yanks my chain - as I don’t need to get better - I just want to see more variety and balance. Don’t trivialise the debate and don’t insult some of the most experienced and thoughtful posters here with generalising like this. The dragon-nerf guy was a lazy-ass not-trying rant. Many nerf suggestions are not.


The only nerf i was advocating for was that of Famine, and i am still 100% convinced it was a very much needed one and ultimately great for the game.

I advocated against a direct Kerberos nerf, and would have liked to see the fix @Jainus suggested first, with taking Kerberos off the beast type, and generally think that no devour troop should ever benefit from a 50% starting mana trait.
Kerberos’ spell chance nerf was pointless, it wasn’t needed in the first place and 40% feels exactly the same as 50% so it doesn’t even do anything. The trait nerf just changed Kerberos from being useful in GW invades to being pointless in them; 50% chance to summon might as well be a 0% chance to summon, if you play a summon in GW invades you need the absolute reliability, else there is no point to it.
I also advocated against a DM nerf, though i don’t mind the nerf as i don’t find Deathmark in any way interesting or fun, but i also did not find it overpowered (albeit stupid maybe).


We got the orc update on console in advance of “orc week”, so I’ve had a chance to play them at normal stat levels. I think they got the balance about right, in that they are fun, without feeling overpowered. They also have a theme that fits the troop-style (getting stronger when taking damage and a bit of a horde mentality.)

Haven’t seen them on defence much, so can’t really comment there.


Don’t worry about Orcs. I have the same opinion as @Stan and posted my thoughts in a joking manner at the top of this very thread.

First GW of the day, 3 casts, 3 devours…and it`s not in the picture but he also got 2 out of 3 summons from those devours and the wolf after that too.
Bad luck I guess…


@Jainus i appreciate any dissenting voices no matter what my thread is about😎

Also i would like to thank you as well as everyone who has participated in this discussion.

I also think nerfs are needed from time to time as in the case of BD for example.

And about my bit about get better…

That wasnt directed at everyone and especially not end gamers such as yourself. I was targeting ppl like the dolt who wanted dragons nerfed. My apologies if you thought i meant you in particular and i will try to make myself more clear in the future


Hi everyone, just to make things clear, I never asked for a nerfed of orcs they are fine as they are, my thread was about the stats boosts. To keep the game balanced that’s all.

The weekly stats boost for troops are the only thing keeping this game from devolving into about 4 different defense teams only… I think its great that different troops get boosts every week even if sometimes some of them have 50%

I can take down any troop 130 armor or not… That is what i meant when i said “get better”

What? A troop has 130 and 105 life with an attack stat of 68? Then. Defeat. It. Dont say “iTs NoT fAiR tHe StAtS aReToO hIgH”

Stop complaining and figure out how to beat it. Maybe use cyclops. This week he gets a 50% boost. Mine does 86 damage when i cast his spell… For 11 mana! Are you kidding me?

Bottom line… There is an answer. You may just have to work for it…

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