[More info needed] GW scoring still not registering?

Platform, device version and operating system:

My guild has done 135 GW battles today but only 134 have been registered. Seems to be the same database issue that has existed since the start of GW,

I was expecting this to fixed now after the recent GW hiatus :person_shrugging:

Wondering if anyone else is still seeing this happen?

Is this related to the problem this player is having here?

If not, can you please provide more information about what you mean by the 1 battle not being “registered”?

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No need for being cryptic, it is the same issue.

Same issue. I didn’t notice the other bug report.

To put it more simply: We did 135 battles. The game showed that we had only done 134.

So I am guessing one of these battles did not count, unless it is a display error of some kind. I waited some time to see if the numbers might update but they did not.

From the devs Q&A stream (which was almost a year ago) we know this:

I guess, information is still relevant.


Thanks :+1: I had hoped that the original GW scoring bug might have been resolved now but obviously not for those reasons.

Is rather unfortunate and annoying that this bug will apparently continue forever unless Mongo database is replaced :frowning_face:

Or until they hire a programmer who has heard of concurrence :thinking:

mongo has locking. it has transactions. there are many possible solutions that a database application programmer should be familiar with. They just can’t be bothered to hire someone with any expertise.


Our guild has encountered this bug twice during these Guild Wars. We are missing 4500 points now. Really frustrating.

I’m not a programmer. Can anyone explain to me: is this bug really so difficult to fix, that it remais with us for YEARS?!

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Is the issue still there? One run on GW registered over 9,400 on the results screen, but just over 7,000 on the brackets leaderboard

Maybe that’s your average score from the 27 scores it uses

I just went 5/0, didn’t lose any troops in the battles and was barely injured… And only scored 7470. I didn’t pay attention in the first match, but I must have not received the 2000. I for sure used a purple team too. Has anyone else come across this today ?

Do you have 4 unique troops that have not been used before today? If you have one troop that repeats you lost your 2k defense bonus.

4 repeated troops/weapons would have eliminated the entire 2000 point bonus, 500 for each.

It appears this week that the game has copied def teams from other days for certain players without them knowing when this happened. If a team you already had set previously in the week was copied to the current day after reset, the 2000 points are lost.