Might need a guild

hope this is the right place to put this.

Pretty new player here, lv. 71 just been doing kingdoms. I am in a guild but as I am pretty new and trying to figure out whats what, the current guild lv 84 are pretty relaxed about requirements, but not super talkative or helpful. I cant contribute much gold yet, as I have just hit my high of 10k but I am pretty damn active.

You should also say on which platform you are.

apologies… PC

Adjusted your title so a guild can find you faster :slight_smile:
Good luck :slight_smile:

maybe you interested in a rank 61 guild -> 404GuildNotFound

Maybe you would be interested in my new guild Dragon Slayer’s
We are still new but rising in rank pretty fast, you sound like you could be a good addition to the team.
Why not give it a try?