Maugrim Woods Rework... Rework... Rework (!)

“Why” is completely irrelevant. People have done it, and the proposed change is as close to “bait and switch” as you can get for those that elected to do so.

Wonder if they could flag certain future troops as “Unique”, which would prevent more than one on a team.


THanks for the explanation, I panicked a bit there!!

I just remind that devs added the Ascension system… And suddenly, you need more than 4 copies of each Legendaries. How much players disenchant their extra copies before the Ascension system?

I don’t see how one player can prove that they bought one “Legendary pack” only to have an extra copy of the Legendary and so on, has to be refund because game “rules” change.
This game updates and if now it’s possible to limit to 1 Mythic/Legendary/Epic in one team because there is enough different troops, I think it’s rightful to do that.

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If I bought something for $50 and it later turned out that the devs made a change to make it 100% useless, I’d be angry. I’m not sure how many people are in that position, but like you said, it’s impossible to predict. The devs would have a mess on their hands, people claiming refunds for purchases made, each of which would require time-consuming investigation.

For instance, let’s say I had one Famine on release week, but I really wanted two. I decided to buy Gems from the store to make a VIP purchase in hopes of getting a second one, a purchase I would never have made if I already had two Famines. Now, six months later, suddenly the second Famine becomes worthless. I’d want that money back – but how could the devs know that a given purchase was made with that intent in mind? What if I got another Legendary or two in that VIP purchase, something that’s provided more value than even the second Famine did? The refund request, if made, would be devilishly complex to unravel – and that’s just for one customer.

The fact remains that this would all be for a change that impacts the “flavor” of the game without addressing the teams that currently most benefit from doubling-up of troops (Manticore, Courage). I just don’t see it happening.

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Just to confirm - we’re not going to ever restrict troops to x1 in any current game mode.

We MAY introduce a game mode or mini game in the future with that restriction though, but for the CORE GAMEPLAY, there will always be 4x teams allowed


Except Arena, amirite? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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i really hoped that sometime in the future, i could set up all 20 of my team slots and any one of them would be available for someone else to play. it would add a bit of differences in playing (i know - kind of the opposite of what was suggested)

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I am glad I have never seen more than one Queen Mab or Bone Dragon or Infernal King in a team. I think I would run to hills if I did. It’s bad enough seeing them together in a team…

I’ve avoided today about 30 Kerbo teams or Warg teams. It seems everyone wants to get that out of their system before it’s gone.

But why do you believe that devs have to refund people?

Imagine that before Ascension patch, you bought one Legendary pack and after dropped 4 more copies of this same troop. Here you have one useless copy so you disenchant it. Now, the Ascension system is added and you need 5 more copies. So you lose one useful copy for some souls and this copy could be the one that you bought.

Other example with traitstones included in one specific Legendary pack: the 3rd trait of this Legendary troop is so cool that you bought 1 pack. Devs change the 3rd trait and you’re not interested anymore. You can refund the traitstones so it’s not complety useless but you gave 50$ for something that you want which is not in the game anymore.

Finally, for your example I think you already answer well :slight_smile: : gems give you all kind of rewards so I don’t see how one can be refund because he want to drop one specific troop.

Can we have the opposite: restriction to x1 troop in the Core gameplay and x4 in other modes? :stuck_out_tongue:

Regardless of your justification, it’s a dangerous move to render for-purchase goods useless. @Sirrian is in the right here.


Not useless if you can use extra copies in another mode ;-).

This sentence means to me that devs have to limit Legendary/Mythic’s power in order to avoid any too much powerful teams based on several copies of the same Legendary.

Look mate, on the bait-and-switch debate, just let it go. Devs have said here and repeatedly before that they won’t restrict teams to 1 of each troop. There are very real commercial reasons, plus also some would argue that restricts team design choice, and in using duplicates you’re sacrificing team and troop stat bonuses.

You’re right that it feels unreasonable that people demand a refund if their duplicate troops they ‘paid for’ become less useful. But there are a lot of unreasonable people. That leads to wasted devs time, bad reviews, losing players.

I agree that 1 of each troop would really be better for the game, and I do feel that the game would have been better from the start if done this way. But now it’d be commercial suicide to change it.


i dont think its about the proof,

a lot of paid customers will get very unhappy for their purchase to become useless which may couse really bad consequences for devs future income if they dont prevent that using some compensation or such

if its not core gameplay pvp then for the most might stil be useless. ppl want full value of what they are buying

exactly that

I am sorry I really fail to oversee how much players are concerned by this possible “injustice”… We are talking about players that gave 50$ to get an extra copy after “mythicfy” the Legendary troop (so after 5 more copies)…
Is there someone in this forum that is concerned?
Are you talking about one player that will buy 7/9 packs (so 3/450$)?
Or, one player that already “mythicfy” the Legendary that needs a 2nd copy?
It seems to me these players should represent only 0.001%…

People was also unhappy when devs added the Ascension system (“What you disenchant some of you extra Legendary duplicates? So bad.”) and when they nerf/balance the rewards system.

But yeah, devs already made their choice about that ;-). So let’s hope that the Guild Wars will not make another unhappy players.

i saw many ppl in the game chat talking about opening more event chests just to get the legend>>mythic x4, also same with the multiple base mythics
cannot remmember names but i got an impression that there is quite a lot of them (while its still those who do talk in chat, think about all those players who just play and say nothing!)

personally decision to “restrict general gameplay to no duplicates within team” - would make me loose my trust in the developers and i would hesitate to spend anything as ‘it might be rendered less valuable if not useless’ later as well
but yeah im a free player, if u find this reasoning too abstract ill understand, but i really think a huge amount of paid customers would feel exact same way as i do about it.

But neither of these had the potential to obsolete purchases made with real money. That’s the difference here.

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Yes, and? I didn’t say that players don’t want x4 Legendary-“mythicfied”… But that only a few players give 50$ for a duplicate of a Legendary-“mythicfied”.

Not obsolete/useless if you can use extra copies in another mode :wink:.

another game mode is still not a full value of what was purchased before the change. and for those who actually like to focus on pvp it would still mean nearly obsolete.

its like giving maps to someone who doesnt use them… or turning their gem purchase into maps. (just an example)

I don’t know why so many people are complaining here. 4x lineups all have weaknesses on defense, since you’re wasting a lot of the mana generated by not using 4-6 colors. The Whack-a-Warg nuisance is a bug, or a combination of bugs, which are already on the to-be-fixed list. Restricting the count of troops based on rarity won’t appreciably change the defense meta.

Let’s all take a deep breath and then bash each other in PvP some more, and let the devs sort out their race condition problem in relative peace. :slight_smile: