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Lvl 1127 looking for a guild

700k a week, 300+ trophies, definitely more once that dang Pharos Rah hits the Soulforge… I’m just tired of not hitting legendary tasks and hoping for a competitive guild with cool folks. Thanks for your time and invite is Edomindtricks_cw3i

If you want to give a mid-tier guild a chance we’re on the verge of hitting LT’s.
Currently 4 tasks done with others at 7-8.
We can supply with the cool folks straight away though :joy:

Hi, I’ve sent you a PM, we have an open spot in Black Dragon.
Our reqs are aligned to your numbers, and we hit 20+ LT per week

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We have an opening in GNR. Please contact @Macaudora if interested.
:gem_doomskull: Come join the fAWRmily! Rank 18, GW BR 1, 60+ LT weekly, 40k chests (Tuesdays), and 37 unique pets have already joined AWR. Why haven't you? AWR 30/30, GNR 29/30, FTR 30/30

We have a spot open at Sushi-Bar. We are a casual guild of veteran players - the majority of our players are over level 1000. We are currently doing an average of 6 - 8 legendaries every week. Send me a message if you are interested.