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Lvl 1000+ player LF strong but relaxed guild

Greetings, I am Lady Calandria and I’m looking for a guild.
Level: 1042
I play daily, but casual.
I play all events completely but don’t have the time for the PVP lately. I used to hit rank 1 weekly when I had time for it though.
I can contribute 250k gold a week, and 500-700 or so seals.
I have solid guild wars teams and am always Paragon for the guild.
I can’t do Discord or other outside chat programs but will pay attention to guild chat.

I would super love to for once be in a guild that hits 40k seals a week. LOL But would take a guild of at least 20k seals a week.

It is in the middle of GW week. Most of the better guilds probably won’t be recruiting until Monday, unless they happen to have a spot available. You should have a better chance of finding good guilds if you wait til Monday.

That said. I’m from Celestial Peak rank 48 guild. We have a lax req of 500 seals and 100 trophies + daily GW, and we are a 40k seals + legendary tasks guild. I might be checking with you again on Monday to see if you’re still available then :wink:

I can get you into Fear the RNG asap. DM me if you’re interested.

Hi Lady_Calandria - saw that this was posted a while a go, but if you haven’t found a good fit yet, Spyro’s Army might be for you. We’re daily but casual players too. The Guild was closed and four players for about three years, but just recently opened up to new players. We’ve got players from levels 1046 and 780 down to some active 100s and lower leveling up. Only requirement is active play and contribution of seals wherever possible (we’re currently lower than 40K but would like to get there, too! We’re working on it. :grinning:) Players not logged in or contributing at all for more than 2 weeks without contacting Guild Master are kicked. No PVP requirement, no Discord, just checking in to Guild Chat occasionally for messages is all we ask. We love to play Raid Boss and Invasion, haven’t been previously playing Guild Wars due to size of guild but are open to it. Basically we enjoy the game and would just like to share & support others who do as well. If you’re interested let us know! Thanks - Takreem