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Looking for a Laid-back Guild (FOUND A GUILD)

I’ve never been in a guild before and am looking for something with low requirements. I am a lower level player (currently 291) and do not have my kingdoms maxed yet. I play daily, but I also work so I’m not always to play for very long. I’d be happy to contribute as much as I can though. If anyone thinks I might be a good fit for their guild or knows of a guild that I might be able to join please let me know. My invite code is: MEARA_PRS5.

UPDATE: I’m happy to report that I’ve found a guild. Thanks for the replies. :slight_smile:

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I think Rage Against the RFG would be a great fit for you. Please join our server if interested.

Epsilon is recruiting active players; minimum requirements are 30k gold, 500 seals, and 50 trophies weekly. All player levels welcome.