Looking for a guild (level 1091)

I am looking for a very active guild among top 100
my invite code
can do
up to 2M gold a week if needed I normally 1 to 1.5M
300+ trophies up to 500
1500 seals and saving the orbs if needed
and I have great results for weekly events like tower of doom I can do up to level 50+ if required
but mostly I stop at where at the weapon can be leveled to max
also I can do
I have a very good teams in all colors for Guild wars
all I need a guild in top 100

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Continuing the discussion from Looking for a guild (level 1091):Hi I d like to invite you to come and visit is at Black Dragon Court. We are a family of 6 guilds - all active and with an active discord server.
You can find us at discord.gg/5qjx889


thank you for the offer Mutha :smile:


TUF: Power Gems Recruiting
Come check out TUF.


Join the The Unholy Family Discord Server!

Check out the The Unholy Family community on Discord - hang out with 366 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.

Check out our discord , you know you want to.

thank you all for the offers
still open for joining a guild

I promise you the best results in all events :slight_smile:

Black Pearl would be happy to have you. We’re looking for someone who plays all guild events and likes the GW challenge. Requirements - 450k gold/1200 seals. We are an old and established guild with mostly veteran players and some new ones in the mix and breeze through all the guild events every week. If that sounds good to you let me know and I’ll send an invite :slight_smile:

thank you all for the interest
my invite code : OFAISALO_VRY4
more than 1 guild said to me I am in queue and I am ok with that but I will go with who has free spot first

I can guarantee you in weekly basis the following
up to 1M gold or more if needed
1500 seals
300 Trophies or more
tower of doom level 35-45
boss raid 144+
GW : 40k score minimum

Druid’s Alliance is recruiting. There are spots in our top two guilds.

Please join our discord if you’re interested.

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