Looking for a 49k+ guildwar teamplayer for rank six xbox guild


Lol need a player not luck


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Im not a high level level but i do make sure i get all my seals and partake in any and all events as well. If anyone would be willing take me on i wont let you down, I played on pc before this so i basically had to restart just looking for a guild to help boost me back up.


Youre level?


Like i said i had to restart because i couldnt use my profile off pc so im like 90 i think i have all the kingdoms and a quater of them level 10 im going through betting all the questlines to maximize daily gold income i just need a good guild to help get me troops and such. I was level 976 on pc so i do know the game very well i just need the chance. I understand if me being such a low level is a deal breaker but with the help of the guild i promise i wouldnt let the guild down


Sorry m8 takes you a year before you can do serious stuff i know a guild but its not doing much yet it does have some high lvl players tho i what is your invite code?


I understand man, BAKED NACHO 99_3PUT


Sent it to my friend ull get inv this evening in ten hrs from now give or take :grinning:


I just got excepted into the rank 11 guild :grin:
But if for some reason they kick me out ill let you know so you can tell your friend


Lol rank 11 thats very lucky dude good luck


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Desperate times for some :joy: Rank 11 inviting level 90 Jesus.


Who s that?Rank six here all over thousand carry ing 2 900 s lol


Oh lol u can read this


Then when leveled he leaves for number 10 :disappointed_relieved:


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