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Look Alive

Lol. I wondered if it might fall between the cracks while I was making my team. Pretty sure it’s one of those coded as ‘special’ damage, similar to Charm or Reflected damage (or exploded/destroyed Skulls).

I think Faunessa’s damage wasn’t boosted in an Event, either? Was, nvm.

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Out of sigils today so I can’t provide precise screenshots, but I’m pretty sure that I saw clearly damage dealt being equal to respective ally’s attack value.

In a convoluted way it makes some sense as one can argue that Ysabelle is not technically the one doing damage - she’s just redirecting troop X’s attack value to inflict harm to an enemy, thus - not a spell damage, but yeah…does not feel too cool, does it?

Also, I have a suspicion that similar issue already arose in the past…I’m just too lazy to skim through forums right now.

Okay, I just checked Ysabelle in the event, and I’m pretty sure the damage was boosted.

Just wanted to check – what happens if you pick one of the other battles instead of Lady Morana? Does Death appear as the next battle anyway, like the description in the initial post would suggest? And then does a reset happen after that? Could affect optimal choices, I guess.


Could we get a shittier set of troops next time, please?

I would like to thank the devs for the introduction of this new spell mechanic.
It is way deeper than it may seems at first glance.
There are a lot of patterns of gems that leads to extra turn (I’m already counting them on tens).

It’s amazing, it’s brain-teasing and I really hope we will see this mechanic back on other troops.
Good job on this one, guys !

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If this event blue any harder it would be a sex crime.

If you paste a team with a troop that isn’t a knight and doesn’t have blue, it will remove it from the team. However, if your hero’s weapon doesn’t have blue, it will leave it, then warn you when you try to start the match…


Yes Death and Morana both appeared at the time they should, and IIRC, in fact both of them remained one battle after i.e. battle 6 offered me both and one other. I can’t remember if battle 7 or 8 were when both were removed. I’ve done less than 10 battles so far, so cannot comment beyond that.

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Okay, semi-serious question – if I haven’t bought the Elite Pass, and thus won’t be receiving the parts of Duskbringer (edit: until later when they’re released separately, and I think he will have taken over by then!), how am I going to be able to defeat Ankhnum the Destroyed?

Am I essentially barred from being able to participate in or identify with the lore of this Campaign? Just wanting to check and set expectations, not complain.




I’ve been playing for years and I think this is the first time I’ve ever used Luther in a serious team.


This is certainly one reason why the devs have set up the world event system like they did. To get players to think outside the familiar, and encourage them to use troops they would not ordinarily give the time of day.


You’re right, I stand corrected (and slightly embarrassed).

I don’t know what it was I saw yesterday, but using today’s sigils bonus damage gets applied when Ysabelle casts.


I agree. They have more incentive to make crappy troops now :slight_smile:

That’s the kind way of looking at it. I have no doubt the primary motivation was to disable players from being able to go through the entire game with a single good team, to make them have to collect and trait more troops than they otherwise would in order to be able to successfully participate in guild events. Just in case kingdom power wasn’t motivating enough.


Yes we need motivation to look alive in the game; otherwise its dead; are we all dead in the game; probably; oh I need to change my team occasionally; thankyou GoW for the incentive.