Limit devour to one per troop? Kind of similar to Maw. Thoughts?

Do I have to just put 2 penguins as my GW defenses soon?

@psydotogist all that would accomplish is a whole lot of flipper slaps


That looks real dire to start. Did enemy kerb just not cast again? I don’t remember fully what either of those troops you have do, but I know I am not level 1200 with those full traits.

Certainly not impossible, and if I said that then correction is needed, but odds must have been really slim for that win. How many times out of 100 do you think you have pulled out of that dire situation to win?

I mean, in all reality, I could walk in with just Four peasants and beat that devour team, it would just take insane cascades and luck. So, impossible? No. Improbable? Yes.

I do think some level of skill was involved in you pulling that win off, and it’s sick, but it probably took just as much if not more luck on drops and cascades and such. I think yours is a rare case. Multi devour still OP in my eyes.

I opened the game by killing the enemy first kerberos by a single skull match from Valor. I thought it was gonna be an easy match but then AI cascade and manage to devour both two bottom troops of mine.[quote=“brandonwiker, post:23, topic:24244”]
Did enemy kerb just not cast again?

He did and failed the 3rd time. After that I just kept him starving, taking all his mana color, dodging FG to make multiple skull, while waiting good timing to cast both Valor and Scarlett after I broke all barrier.[quote=“brandonwiker, post:23, topic:24244”]
How many times out of 100 do you think you have pulled out of that dire situation to win?

If it was PvP match, I’d just retreat. So I don’t know how many times out of 100 this kind of comeback could happen. One of my former guildmate did track down the percentage of devour, deathmark, bull’s-eye from 1000+ matches quite some time ago. And if I recall correctly the devour chance to proc is around 52-54%. I’d love to check this spreadsheet again but I no longer friend with him.

I don’t deny that RNG also involved in this instance.


Well said @ZooKeeper well said

intriguing idea, should apply to all kinds of instant-kill as well
one per each type separetrelly

decks would have to develop into applying devour and deathmark and instakill alltogether instead of specialising in one :sweat_smile:

going further this way also limit reviving troops (per itself) and then summoning troops (per summoner)?

i know it sounds silly but if we strongly limit one side of the coin (killing) the other gets too strong (summoning)…

im not sure do i like the whole idea but for now at least i dont dislike it

Good point for summoning, but, I think with less instagibs, there will hopefully be more space for buffing troops with spells, as well. You know, things like attack and life boosts and the such that wouldn’t be so easily bypassed or even used against you via instagib or devour, respectively.

I agree with OP and I stated it myself in the famine thread.

Each troop can only devour once. It’s bad enough having a fast Kerberos with event boosted stats. I had a match today where 2 Kerberi between them devoured 4 or 5 times - I lost count. They didn’t miss once. This gave the top Kerberos enough attack to one shot my summoned troops (see also my post about summons not benefitting from guild statues or sentinels). Literally no chance of winning.

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This is interesting, but were you thinking it nears 100% when on low life, or that it nears it’s original devour chance (say 50% for Kerberos)? Because if devour nears 100% on low life troop, the only issue would be that attack gain isn’t decreased on a low life devour. Would be an easy way to increase your attack almost guaranteed.

I don’t think Devour is necessarily too powerful (Maw is great*) it’s just too random.

You don’t want players to feel like they are not in control when they are playing a single-player game.

And, no hard does not equal fun. This is a match 3 game. Match 3 is a casual format. GoW may have a lot going on, but it’s still set up as a Match 3 game you can play in your spare time.

* Maw is 100% and non-random, but as the OP argues, Maw can only get you once. Maw costs 24 mana.
ALSO you can’t have a team with two Maws [they don’t work together] and a Giant Spider or Forest Guardian to fill them in 2 turns.


after they devour a unit, what happens on their second cast? i mean, does their mana cost get lowered or do they get other spell effect to compensate losing devour?

How about no. How about we stop asking for nerfs to troops that the AI at least has a chance to win with? How about we understand that 100% winrate is just not an option? How about we use the scouting option to build teams that can counter the enemy strategy?

Tacet’s GW video from today, blue day, is a good showcase that the teams and troops that everyone is complaining about all the time are nowhere near as bad as they are made out to be. A well thought out team and different strategy than what you would normally use are usually all you need.

*edit to remove scathing critique of some forum users.

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I see your point, but it’s heavily tinted by the way you sprinkled in some mean name calling. I don’t appreciate this.

Still, I never had a problem with BD or Famine the way I have with devour.

I like your idea regarding a troop like Shadow-Hunter that takes into consideration the opponent’s strength. What I would like to add to the conversation thou is how often when you (the Human) cast Kerb’s spell nothing happens vs. how often AI’s works. I recently had the “enjoyment” of casting his spell 12 times with zero devour. But the AI’s was 3 out of 4! I truly believe the way the 50% is calculated is based on 20% for Humans and 80% for AI’s. Perhaps I should start another topic because after investing over $300 into this game to get stronger I am now so frustrated considering leaving. This completely unfair how often the % works for the AI’s favor vs. the humans repeatedly is just getting out.

A sliding scale may work ie

50% to start - once devoured once 25% chance next time … going to 10% next etc.

My issue with Kerb isn’t the devour but the 100% summon that goes with it (& the fact that the summon itself ALSO has a summon). So after 1 proc you are now faced with having to kill a Dire Wolf, a Warg & a buffed Kerb

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I don’t know how things work on the console. But in general, 16 casts is nowhere close to enough data to make a judgement on, and that’s giving you the benefit of the doubt that those numbers are accurate and not influenced by recall bias. I’ve been on the wrong side of random myself and it sucks, but that doesn’t mean it’s rigged.

As for starting another thread, please don’t. Contributing your valuable opinion to one of the many topics complaining about rigged AI that already exist would be better.


i have used & still use Kerb a lot.

Somewhere in the 3-400 levels amount & I would say that the 50% is quite accurate from what I’ve seen, both for the AI & player.


Obviously 16 casts is not a big enough sample - I assume your comment was an attempt at humor. I have been playing since October 2016 and am Level 1007 at the moment. Those 16 cast was just the latest sample.

It’s not about whether or not the AI can win. It never has been. Not with Webspinner, not with Maw, not with Bone Dragon.

It’s about seeing the same bloody teams over and over again, using spells and abilities that completely take any semblance of skill out of the game.

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Amen to this! There are so many different threads going right now, all arguing the same thing. Forums have been chaos for me this week.