Lets discuss the Silence status effect

After been messing around with Silent One, Satyr Musician, Merlion, Baba Yaga/Hut for quite some time and generally exploring the silence status effect and its potential, Ive made up my mind: It worns off enemy troops a little too early on a general basis. Or maybe its just my experience with it. I find for example my Silent One very often still Silenced when silence have worn off all enemy troops. Which based on my experience tells me that this status effect might be stronger when humans troops is silenced versus. CPU? I have whatsoever not enough data to prove it, so I will only let it be as a weak mention. What is other people experiences with the Silence status effect?

The nastiest Silent One team I saw used Mercy and Valkyrie to cleanse and recharge the Silent One. If you got the jump on it, it was fragile, but if it got the jump on you, then you may never come out of silence.

I do like Baba Yaga, and have used her quite a bit in GWs against wisp teams. Teams where if I could silence the two heavy hitters and slow them down, I could pull out the win. The Hut is almost never around and charged when it would be useful for me. Merlion and Satyr with their double blast pay off better for me.


I notice a lot of illusions breaking in the game lately. This could be yet another one but I haven’t played vs Silence enough to get a solid feel.

We’ve had a very smart stats person sharing his sweet specialty in forum lately… can’t quite find him atm. I wonder what he would say or what his analysis would show.

In general I really like those kinds of strategies because they tip the scales so heavily!

One I’m currently using on Defense which employs that scale-tipping idea…

Bogstrider, Vodyanoi or Forest Troll in 1st to Entangle on Skull Hit, then a Skull spawner like Corrupted Urskya, Dark Priestess, and more. Oh the frustration of playing against this… and the sweetness of springing it on an unsuspecing passeryby.

Side note that I’m getting over 75% Defense win this week with this… it will slow down to around 40-60% by mid-week. Then I will adjust because it isn’t even that strong a D team in it’s current form, it just rings the “Holy EFF I didn’t see that coming” bell lol



Hey Eika brought up a great topic here! Sorry if I derailed it!

Ok the obvious effect of Silence is that it has the second implication that the Troop can’t gather Mana either.

This has implications when you have The Silent One at the top of your deck and he Silences himelf. Even though he has no Mana he cannot collect any Blue or Yellow until he cleanses so it will cascade to Troops below. Are there any little sneaky strategies that could come into play here?

And likewise are there any negative connotations to silencing the wrong AI troop, lets say in a common defense team we might face? Talking theoretically as I can’t think of any specific examples just trying to run with Eika’s cool topic.

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No worries, I am not the one to tell other, I might have derailed tons of threads myself in the past. I am enjoying the discussion, that counts too.


As discussed in another thread, orpheus lute works very well in this case. However I too find silence seems to cleanse a little more quickly than say, entangled. Sometimes you can spend the whole battle wrapped up in those flipping vines!

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I have always thought that the status of effects wear off faster on ai then the player, I have witnessed many 1 turn and done for them while stayed whatever for more then 5 turns.

It’s all a game so no real way to tell if it’s working right or the real numbers. Just what they tell us.

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Sometimes in games there needs to be a bit of “illusion” for lack of better word or the whole system breaks apart. It is hard to encapsulate it in a small comment. Most of the time in games what you see on the screen is merely a portrayal of something else under the surface.

That’s why I feel that while these topics keep coming up, there might be some merit to the overall discussion. I don’t necessarily think that the game is out to get us, but there are times when 5 Skulls fall in a perfect vertical line. Or when you get 900 combos in Treasure Hunt. I feel, without proof, that those are instances of the illusion breaking. I also feel there are a great deal of times the game is trying to “help” you “unfairly”.

I could also very much see hidden coefficients being used in Chance things… part of overall inner workings.

I probably think too much.

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Entangle is easily the most persistent status effect!

Hands down!



Most annoying! Tell a brother who’s been putting together a 1 hour skull-tacular team build video. You already got a sneak peek remember :slight_smile:

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Every status effect wares off the ai way faster than it does on our teams. I don’t know how many times I put silence frozen or any other effect and the very next turn it wears off but I can spend a whole match frozen or entangled. Ai gets way better odds than the player does.

I use the enchant effect to allow Silent One to gain mana whilst silenced. :wink:



For real man? Wow. Nice find … legitimate lol


Yeah I had a team:

Silent One
Queen Ysabelle
Elven Bard

To abuse Silent One gaining mana from enhchant and QY giving mana, to try and perma silence the other team. :grimacing:

Now with the Bard class I’ve dropped QY to attempt to slot in the hero, also swapped Elven Bard for Queen Aurora to play the mana gen and unit survivability role that QY was playing. Not as many enchants around so still tweaking.


I never get anything. My Mythic collection is sad and filled to the bursting point with multiples like War. I’m grateful to have them but I have been on an intergalactic run of hideous luck, given how much time I’ve invested into this game.

Whining aside, thanks for sharing your ideas. Cant wait to try them out.

Halp what am I doing wrong? Could there be a fast fill approach added in… some kind of hybrid to keep it all moving along?

The key to a permanent-Silence team is that every time you hit a troop with a status effect, the timer for all status effects on it resets.

Euryali is the queen of this (every 4-match essentially reapplies all status effects), but Khorvash/ Mab / others are almost as good when combined with a transformer or troll to generate 4-matches. Hell, Leshy is killer provided your first troop is impervious.

I’ve been thinking about building a team to maximize this strategy but haven’t gotten around to it. It has the possibility of being completely overpowered though.

Um it has been while since I played it and even with maxed team slots it has been overwritten :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Busted it out again - need QY in third this block her completely so the game is to cycle enchants with Elven Bard and Enchantress. Using bard on QY or Enchantress as needed. QY will also fill troops with mana, shortening the turns required to full on enchanted troops. :wink:

I always cast enchantress before Bard so you can see where the random enchant ends up, helps with not wasting a Bard cast.

It’s not a super reliable team but can be a monotony breaker as you have to look at what troops to enchant and the mana on the board (no red or brown troops) to get the best out of each turn.

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