Leonis Empire has come! Where's the Merchant's Blade?!

What’s so special about Whitehelm Kingdom and why it could cause issues?
I remember getting the Divine Protector for $5 over a year ago.

Contradicting announcements.

1.) “All Raid/Invasion weapons will definitely be available for crafting in the Soulforge”. Note that Divine Protector doesn’t show up in the excluded list.
2.) “We couldn’t possibly ever disappoint players who paid for a weapon by making it available for crafting”. Note that Divine Protector was in the shop for $5.

This has already been pointed out before, to which the response was silence. They could use the opportunity given and say “yeah, we double-checked the list for further mistakes, these weapons here will also not be available for crafting”. I guess they prefer to withhold bad news as long as possible, then let whoever pulls the shortest straw announce a “bug fix” or “mistake” they only learned about right now.


As asked in the original thread.

Also, what is the fate of the weapons removed from the Soul Forge (e.g., the elemental staves and swords,) when the new weapon cycle was introduced?

Those weapons are in the rotation now, so they’ll come during their kingdom’s event. I think one of them we already saw back in soulforge either first or second week after the rework.

They also can show up as flash offers :sob:. I knew I should have just bought them all when I had the chance.

Iirc, there was a response to your Khetar question in that thread, as well – Withering Touch wasn’t offered for cash in the weekly shop, and will be available for crafting, just like Sleigh Bells.