Last Minute Guild Wars Questions and Suggestions

Here is a list of questions about guild wars that I am still somewhat confused about. If anyone knows, let me know so we al know. :slight_smile:

Also, @Nimhain , @Saltypatra , @Sirrian


Are defend teams locked in after the first day, or can they be changed at any time?

Do defend teams get bonus points from using the current day’s colors?

Do defend teams earn/reduce more points if more of them are alive at the end of battle? (When attacking, this is the case.)


Can we get 10 more team slots for 30 total now that we have to allocate at minimum 6 teams for the new guild wars system?

Can we get a button to max all guild sentinels at once?

Can the guild leader, or everyone, get a way to see what defend teams are being used by other guild mates for the guild war?

Can the guild leader get a manual override for reordering the rankings in case someone of higher rank is not on as much in a given week, such as forgetting to set a strong defend team for a given day?


Why would they be?

Defense teams don’t bring any points.

As far as i am understanding - if you lose when attacking you don’t get any points for that battle.

Already asked for and devs said they are considering it.


Other questions:

  • Our guild’s colors (each day) are different than what was showed in the preview, so does that mean colors are assigned to each guild randomly or do all guilds within a tier have the same colors or does everyone have the same colors and the Devs just changed it from the preview?

  • Can Sentinel levels be purchased at any time during the week or only on Mondays? (As a Guild Leader the Sentinel level on the roster becomes less meaningful if members can purchase them throughout the week but locking them to just Monday isn’t great either).


Whoa, there, big spender!

This may be a silly question, but the color of the day’s war is the same for both guilds, right? I’m going to feel exceptionally silly using Desdaemona in my anti-yellow team if the opposing guild actually gets bonus points for using brown troops that day.

Well here for comparation -
Our order is yellow - brown - red - purple - green - blue


Another thread confirmed that each guild has the same daily colors.

This is the same that I am seeing.

I can’t seem to find the quote of it, but I remember people saying “So buy them earlier in the week to get the max benefit.”


I’m sure @Sirrian mentioned at some point that you don’t get any points from retreating, but you get a small (perhaps very small) amount from losing. I’m not going to look for the post right now, there was too much on the topic of GW.


That’s what I recall too.

Also, could any1 take a screenshot of what your % gain is per color? I don’t believe the formula for that was mentioned at all and would like to see what the scaling is on it. Not quite sure if it caps at a certain level for the % bonus, but mine is at 80% with 1 level off from max level 200:


Ours are all at 200 with 80% too. No surprise.

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Anyone with guardians around level 80-150 with your % gain? Not sure if the gains stop at 100 or what their scaling is below 100.

mine at 80% and get 44% bonus.

Match Masters has all 200 and 80% like shown above.

Something else weird though…

Should that not be +0.24 on the armor and life to match the ratio on the attack and magic? Pretty sure that’s on all levels.

Ours go from 55% bonus on level 118 statue to 57% bonus on level 122.


Also my attack shows +0.15 for all that are higher rank and life and armor shows +0.27. I also leveled those 3 to level 3.

Just for the data: Level 50 statue gives 35%, and high 40s statues are giving 34%.

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Most of ours is 71% bonus, and one 70%. Really think those with 80% has a big adventage, especially when it comes down to those close clashes…It annoys me quite a bit to be honest…


Yeah, the % should really be capped at level 100 guild guardians. It may balance out though due to everyone with even 60%+ are likely some of the top 5 brackets having to deal with some of the hardest defend teams possible.

If they ever made it too even of a % for guild guardians it would result in an up and rising bracket 50-100 guild to just demolish and win every week until the system brings them to a higher bracket.

Below are our percentages. I’m guessing a lot of mid-tier guilds are similar.

Personally, I don’t think it’s such a big deal. The only issue I see is that it gives an advantage to older guilds since it takes a while to level up statues no matter how fast you go. Otherwise it just seems like part of the equation for determining rankings and success and similar guilds will be matched together.


Lv 50 = 35%
Lv 51-53 = ?
Lv 54 = 36%
Lv 55 = ?
Lv 56 = 37%
Lv 57-61 = ?
Lv 62-63 = 39%
Lv 64-65 = ?
Lv 66-67 = 40%
Lv 68-74 = ?
Lv 75-77 = 43%
Lv 78-79 = ?
Lv 80 = 44%
Lv 81-83 = ?
Lv 84 = 45%
Lv 85-91 = ?
Lv 92-94 = 48%
Lv 95 = ?
Lv 96-98 = 49%
Lv 99-101 = 50%
Lv 102-104 = 51%
Lv 105 = ?
Lv 106 = 52%
Lv 107-109 = ?
Lv 110 = 53%
Lv 111 = ?
Lv 112-113 = 54%
Lv 114-117 = ?
Lv 118 = 55%
Lv 119-120 = ?
Lv 121 = 56%
Lv 122 = 57%
Lv 126-127 = 58%
Lv 128-131 = ?
Lv 132-133 = 60%
Lv 134-168 = ?
Lv 169 = 71%
Lv 170-198 = ?
Lv 199-200 = 80%
Updated with info from the other posts here.

Certainly looks that way!