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Last Minute Guild Wars Questions and Suggestions

Either way i try to approach it, my final score in this first guild war day does not match with my expectation.
I would assume for 5 wins it should be 50,100,200,400 and 750 base points for an overall of 1500 points multiplied by the daily colour bonuses.
With 4 yellow troops at our guilds 54% bonus each that would be a 216% bonus and should put my points at 1500 x 3,16=4740, right?
But in reality i got more than that, can anyone shed some light for me, what am i missing?

There’s a small bonus for your surviving troops.

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Ah ok, thanks. Is it somewhere documented how big that bonus is?

iirc, it was said that it wouldn’t be disclosed.

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This is the % for 4 troops staying alive - 40%
All 5 battles I’ve done gave me that bonus 40% bonus is not small.
And bonus seems to be counted on base points multiplied by color bonus.
So its probably 10% for each alive troop.


A bit more info on obtained points:

I had forgotten, but it seems that the amount of points also depends on the opposing guild.

How i got to that conclusion:
First fight is worth 50 points. My multiplier is 55% per yellow troop. 4 yellow troops means 220%.
So the battle should gave me 160 points. Instead I’ve got 224 points. Which is exactly 40% higher then 160.

Same math applies for latter battles.

Winning 4th battle awarded exactly double points of the 5th battle.
100 points + 220% = 320

320+ 40% = 448


My results were very different from that, so I doubt that’s the case.

EDIT: NM, now that you’ve added the order of the calculations (I was confused before when you just explained with words), it seems to add up for me as well.

Really? Because all 5 of mine were exactly that much. And it does sounda very possible to have 10% per alive troop.

Thanks, 40% lines up with my numbers exactly. Now the question, is the 40% comprised of 10% per troop alive or does it work differently, can’t test that now obviously ^^


I’ll be able to figure it out in a minute, I lost a troop in one battle. I’m thinking yes.

EDIT: Yup 10% per troop seems to be the case.

Soldier battle - 50 base, 4 yellow troops at a 50% bonus = 150. Lost 1 troop, so 3 surviving troops, giving 30% bonus (150 * 1.3) giving a final score of 195, which matches up with what I got for that match.


Glad I’ve been helpful :slight_smile:


I’ll be accepting my invitation to math society from 1PM to 8 PM today.


We did some (very) quick math on Discord and it looks like it will always be better to taking 4 colour troops, and lose 2, than it would be to take only 2 colour troops in and not lose a single troop. (VERY low level Statue guilds will only see a very minor gain, but 4 colours still wins). Haven’t checked other combinations, but in general it looks like colour will trump not losing troops.


That the bonus per surviving troop is 10%, on top of everything else, seems off to me. Sirrian had said several times that the bonus would be a small modifier with an eye toward preventing ties. Wonder if that was a conscious design decision, or another switch up between multiplication and addition in the code (a la the red statue kerfuffle).

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I am very annoyed that color bonus is rewarded based off statute levels.

This should be flat. The result of this distortion is that guilds 6-9 need to do 40% better in raw results to beat intrim and anonymous.

This is clearly ridiculous

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On the other hand, one of the goals of guild wars was to reward the “best”, most active guilds. By almost any metric, Intrim and Anonymous qualify. I don’t think a flat bonus is the way to go, because something should reward them for the work they’ve done getting their statues to level 200. Maybe a flatter bonus curve is in order, if the first couple of weeks show zero movement in the top four guilds.


Difference is not so huge however. If members of anon or intrim do perfect fights they will win anyway.
We currently have more points then any guild in our bracket or in bracket above us. This may change but still. (To further clarify 81k points which would rank us 4th in top bracket, and all guilds in top bracket have higher statues then us).
Fighting good is the most important factor.


Agree - the points difference between winning 4 matches and winning 5 matches is so large, and colour bonuses are just the cherry on top

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