Lady Sapphira Bug Takes half Damage

Was doing some whitehelm explores. Come up against Lady Sapphira twice first time I saw it my bombot hit 36 damage to all other troops but hit 18 to the Sapphira meaning she didnt die. Second time I watched it the first bombot went off fine full damage. Then the second bombot hit and it did 18 again. So it seems something related to her Life Drain trait and damage that would cause death is for some reason halfed?

Edit: Also happened on Spider Queen so it applies to any hero with Life Drain Trait

How to replicate…

Use a attack on a Life Drain traited hero that is greater than their life but when halfed is less than their life.

E.g if they have 20 life your damage should be more than 20 but less than 40. Which will result in the hero surviving and taking half of the damage.

P.S I think this would be a cool trait called “Battle Hardened” where you take half damage on killing blows.

Yup, Bombot’s spell and the Life Drain are a known issue. Hopefully this will be fixed in the near future.

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Ah its 3 months old now and was mentioned as a “old bug” then, this really should have been fixed then huh!

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I’m not sure of the cause, but it’s possible it’s due to race conditions in the code, which would not be very easy to fix without rewriting a lot of stuff (here’s hoping the shift to Unity might fix these sorts of things?)


Hope so, if we can take anything else positive away from this it gives the devs a nice concept of a new trait.

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I believe console has been on Unity since launch. Unity is not the antidote for all the bugs.

HOWEVER, having only 1 code base (instead of 2) to support will allow the developers to theoretically squash 2x the amount of bugs.


When something deals damage to a troop, it caps the damage at the troop’s current armor + life total, this is to prevent split damage from doing 50 damage to a troop with 1 hp and 5 damage to a troop with 30 hp.

Assume for a moment you are facing a troop with life drain and 30 life. If your bombot would do 50 damage it first caps that at 30, which is enough to kill. Then the troop’s life drain trait fires since bombot dies, so it gains 4 life giving a total of 34. The bombot damage, which was set to 30, is applied leaving 4 life.

However, if there are skulls on the board and your explosion destroys them, that damage gets added to the stack After the life drain trait fired. If we continue the above scenario and assume 2 skulls on the board the game logic goes like this:

Bombot cast
Apply 50 damage to all troops
** cap damage to armor/life of troops (reducing damage to 30)
Kill Bombot
** Life drain triggers, raising life to 34
Trigger explosions
** apply 2 damage to troop, bringing total to 32
Resolve damage 34 - 32, leaving 2 health.
Resolve mana from explosions
Remove Bombot from lineup


Thanks. I was wondering why sometimes Bombot do kill a Life Drain troop - must’ve been because of exploded skulls.

That’s essentially the conclusion I ended up with in the other thread, that damage is being artificially capped too early. While that does make sense from the perspective of the split damage troops, it sounds like they need to diverge the handling a bit there.

I’m still not quite sure how skulls are applied, though; I have witnessed life drain troops die from Bombot as expected when receiving a single skull damage due to the explosion.

While it is a bug i hope it never gets fixed. It gives a very situational use to an otherwise completely useless trait. :wink:

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j/k :stuck_out_tongue: In all seriousness, I was quite tired when I wrote that post, and couldn’t remember much of the details that we’d learnt about the bug. My guess is that it’s not a simple bug to fix at least, so not sure when it will be fixed.

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