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Krystenex Last Hit + Summon Bug causes match stuck

Hi Dev, loving the game so far. Today i would like to report on a bug i found a month back when using krytenax.

The bug happen when you: manage to last hit the enemy using kystenax + while having room for his summon + creating a 4-match move from his gem remival . This cause the match to be stuck and unable to proceed. The only way to exit the battle is to retreet, which result in a lose. I didt report it back then becuase it was no big deal for me. (Lose a few guild war battle as well)

But today it hapoen again during a bounty hunt battle that i spent 15min on. And i lose a valraven as well due to it. Please look into it.

Attached is a screenshot of the stuck screen after the last enemy die to krystenax (notice the possible 4-match skull move in the middle).

Im playing on andriod samsung note 8



As a player who use Krystalnex in almost every matches, this happened to me several times as well, but a bit different.

The game is not completely stuck, but somehow I got another turn after the enemies are all dead. So matching any gems or casting any spells seems to solve it, result in victory scene for me.

But that’s before 3.4 version. If I remember correctly, this happened to me once again, now with board completely stuck, but spells still accessible. But I can’t cast any spell at that time, so I have to retreat.

I’m on Android as well. Hope the devs are able to fix it! ^^

Yes, sometimes happens.
Cassting a spell helps to finish battle.

This happens to me every 5-10 matches, just posted in the known issues thread.
Usually it doesn’t bother me, but earlier today had this bug happen with pet gnome, didn’t trigger rescue.

I start to see the pattern about this bug now, it’s seem to tied to Krystenex’s spell being the last cast or not.

If he cast, kill all enemies, and also get an extra turn, that might cause the whole board to freeze. The only way out is casting other spell that doesn’t gain an extra turn to continue, then victory scene will trigger. But from you, even this will still cause Pet Gnome to bug, which is very bad.

So… the way to avoid this bug for now until it’s fixed is to not cast Krystenex as a finishing move.


My main PvP team is dragons and Krystenax is an awesome AOE damage dealer…
Have had this bug many many times.
Seems like you don’t receive any rewards from the troop that stays on the board.
Hope they will fix this soon!

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