Kingdom Domination

There are a number of Map projects that show that info. For example:

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Thanks Mel!
@actreal I did not add the map in since I did not create them, so it would not feel right from me to do so. I’ll ask the author if it can be added to theguide, though.

Map added, thanks a lot @Venan for your authorization! :smile:


Update 29/10/15 for the 1.0.7 patch!

Kingdoms are now leveled up with gold.

According to @BlueDog, the price to level a kingdom from 2 to 10 would be 122 500 gold (since you get a kingdom already at level 1 when you buy it), reparted as such:

  • level 2: 500 gold
  • level 3: 1 000 gold
  • level 4: 2 000 gold
  • level 5: 4 000 gold
  • level 6: 8 000 gold
  • level 7: 15 000 gold
  • level 8: 22 000 gold
  • level 9: 30 000 gold
  • level 10: 40 000 gold

Each level grant you +1% tribute, +1 to a Mastery (which increases mana surge chance), and +1 to a troop stat (Life, Armour or Attack).

To see what bonus you’ll be benefiting from, you first need to open the kingdom tab:

You can find all the bonus you’re getting on the main screen, the Kingdom Level tab:

@mattlistener made a nice recap of all kingdoms bonuses, as well as @actreal in this post . Jump to these threads to look through them!
Note that the bonuses are now global, so the stats bonus will apply to ALL battles, even if you’re fighting from or in another kingdom. (For instance, my troops will get the +1 Life bonus from Ghulvania, even if I’m defending in Zaejin or fighting in Divinion Fields).

The Income tab shows you how much gold per day you get from this specific kingdom when you collect your gold:

Each kingdom has a chance to give you tributes (up to 10% chance for a level 10 kingdom, since each kingdom level gives you +1% tribute chance). Your home kingdom gives you double tribute!
To know what tribute you might get, hop to the Tribute tab:

The current list of tributes is:

  • Adana: 175 gold, 2 glories, 2 souls
  • Broken Spire: 200 gold, 0 glory, 4 souls
  • Divinion Fields: 50 gold, 6 glories, 4 souls
  • Forest of Thorns: 75 gold, 1 glory, 12 souls
  • Ghulvania: 50 gold, 0 glory, 16 souls
  • Grosh-Nak: 0 gold, 2 glories, 16 souls
  • Karakoth: 50 gold, 2 glories, 12 souls
  • Khaziel: 250 gold, 0 glory, 0 soul
  • Khetar: 0 gold, 0 glory, 20 souls
  • Maugrim Woods: 150 gold, 2 glories, 4 souls
  • Mist of Scales: 125 gold, 0 glories, 10 souls
  • Pan’s Vale: 25 gold, 8 glories, 2 souls
  • Pridelands: 100 gold, 4 glories, 6 souls
  • Stormheim: 200 gold, 2 glories, 0 soul
  • Sword’s Edge: 125 gold, 5 glories, 0 soul
  • Whitehelm: 0 gold, 10 glories, 0 soul
  • Wild Plains: 50 gold, 8 glories, 0 soul
  • Zaejin: 150 gold, 3 glories, 2 souls
  • Zhul’Kari: 0 gold, 5 glories, 10 souls

The Lore tab gives you general infos about the kingdom: lore, favoured mana colours, and the types of troops.

The collection tab is presently greyed out, and we’ll know more about it in the next patch.

If I forgot anything, please let me know!

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It appears that the only reason to pick one kingdom over another as your home now is which tribute-producer you want doubled.

Keep in mind a level 10 kingdom produces 10 times more often than a level 1.

To help
A list of bonus according kingdoms.
In 1.0.7

In 1.0.8

Hope this helps you in your choice of home kingdom, and choose which favorite you increase first :slight_smile:


Your list is prettier than mine. I am all jealousy. :stuck_out_tongue:

is not jealous , this is just to complete the good work you provided
a list where you can find everything in a glance :wink:

I know, you did a really good job on it. :slight_smile:

What are those last three icons from?


The first one is the emblem on the Hero card:

And the other two are shields from upcoming kingdoms.