Join Match Masters today! All statues Mon, leggy tasks galore, 40k chest. 200t.400k.1200sCLOSED

can you sen me the invit please

Sent :laughing:
Should get in okay.

thanks a lot for us

All seats are now taken.

A long term member has left due to work promotion so a space available.

Just a heads up: we can also maintain a waiting list if there’s enough interest. So even if this thread says that all seats are taken, if you want in, feel free to pm esslee anyway :slight_smile::+1: For a guild as competitively ranked as we are, and with how many legendary tasks we pull in a week, the atmosphere is still super chill. I strongly suggest you give us a shot if you’re on the lookout for a new guild.

@esslee I’d love to join you guys. I was in the guild that STEFF and El Anonymoussette joined you from. I’m level 130, last week did 300k (but can do 500k), 1500 seals, 400 trophies. Happy to be on a wait list if you are interested in me joining. My invite code is KILLY 2

bump :smile_cat:

Hi, currently lvl 390 I would be interested to join your guild.
Just one kingdom left to level up to 10 and then will be able to contribute the 400k gold easily.
I can also do the 1500 seals and 300 trophies quickly.
Thx for your attention and sorry for my poor english :grin:
invite code : THURIM

We have one spot to fill. Any level welcome as long as you can meet the weekly requirements. See top of this post :grinning:

Start your new year of playing GoW by joining one of the chillest top guilds :smile_cat::+1:

Yeah, count me in. Check the pm plz.

We have an opening :slight_smile: Get in before Monday’s rewards start rolling it :+1:

We have an unexpected place available. See top of post for more info. Plenty more legendary task rewards to be had this week so come and join us !

I’m a L500+ player with around 300 unique troops, virtually all kingdoms to 5 star, easily doing 1,500 seals / 250+ trophies, 500k gold per week.

Space is now filled.

I seat vacant. Hurry on board before the guild task rewards roll in on Monday !

pm esslee if you are interested in joining our merry band of gemmers.

Great guild to be in :grin: No trophy pressure, supportive and friendly members, and we still pull in a ton of legendaries. Totally worth it if you’re looking for a change of pace from trophy-centric guilds but still want the legendary rewards of a top guild. :+1:

@esslee do you still have space? Level 502 player, looking for a new guild.

Space now filled :+1: