šŸŒø Join DruidsVale! (30 / 30) All of the Rewards, None of the stress :-) 17+ Legendary Tasks + 40K Seals + GW 3 :-)


Way to Go DruidsVale :smile:


DruidsVale is Recruiting for a Strong Player to Join our Team!. :smiley:

PM @NowayJoe2Go if Interested, and hop on Discord for more info.

About DruidsVale

We have achieved 40K Seals every week for 10+ months! We have maxed 6 Statues and completed 10+ Legendary Tasks for 9+ months as well! We are a friendly, collaborative Guild; we communicate on Discord. :smiley:

Weekly Minimum Requirements: 500K+ Gold on Monday (after new Druids join). Claim Seals Daily and Claim 1000+ Seals by Saturday at noon. Complete 25 GW Battles by Saturday and 30 by Sunday. These are the absolute minimums. Please use the Sigils you earn for Raid Boss and Invasion Mode. Optional: Spending any gems on new modes. All Druids greatly over achieve these requirements on a routine basis. :smiley:

Join our Discord by simply clicking this link. Then PM @NowayJoe2Go to join! :rocket:





I am a returning player, level is 1100+.

Invite code is:



DruidsVale is recruiting a strong player to join us today and receive bracket 3 GW prizes! PM @NowayJoe2Go on our Discord to join us! :rocket:


Fantastic Job DruidsVale!! :rocket: We completed 18 Legendary Tasks this week! And MAXED 9 PORTALS while finding a TON of new Pets! :four_leaf_clover: Way to GO! :dark_sunglasses:


Always 40K Seals! :sunflower: :sunflower: :sunflower:

Way to Go Team!



Way to Go DruidsVale. As of Saturday, We have completed all Statues and 8+ Legendary Task. After completing a Record high 18 Legendary Tasks last week, we took a small break. We also found many new PETS! What a very fun and productive week.

We will finish all 12 Stages of Invasion Again as well! :rocket: :four_leaf_clover:ORBS :four_leaf_clover:

Seals are ALWAYS 40K early in the week! Good Luck getting June Mythic Druids! .




Hello im active mobile Player lvl almost 501 full ascendent teams. And im looking for active guild who is doing guild task. If you wanna have me abord my nick is Iqnac_twzr


Way to Go DruidsVale!! 18 Legendary Tasks and a few Legendary Troops as well

As always, 40K Seals

Guild Wars Bracket 3, Rank 27


iā€™m level 1215 player my contributions are 1000000 gold,1500 seal, 300 trophies min+full participation in all events


DruidsVale is recruiting a strong, dedicated, and active player to fill out our ranks. Join us on Discord for more information and send a private message to Rathenel (Khross) when you get there.


We are recruiting for a Strong Player to Join DruidsVale. Hop on our Discord for more info.

Way to Go Finishing GW Rank 27 DruidsVale! :rocket:



Lvl 566, 1500 seals, about 700 K Gold, gain 30 lvls a week, 187 trophies.


Way to Go @DruidsVale!! Yet another strong weekly performance. 17 Legendary Tasks, 40K Seals, and Portal 9 Rewards for Raid Event! :sunglasses: