🌺 :-) Join DruidsGlade (29 / 30). Achieve 40+ Legendary Tasks + Max Raid / Invasion Rewards + GW Bracket 1 + 40K Seals. League Rank 32 :-)


Awesome Cow. Also have a spot for you! Can you chat on Discord as well?


Welcome to DruidsGlade Cow and Alebenja!

DruidsGlade is currently full however we are always willing to chat and expand our Community. Join DruidsGlade Discord server. https://discord.gg/JZFddSA



DruidsGlade is currently Recruiting!! :smiley:

We are looking for 1-2 active players to join our Community of Gamers!

Ideal player can contribute >250K Gold and 1500 Seals (we are close to 40K every week; currently 40K on Mythic weeks) --OR-- ~500K Gold and 700+ Seals (some prefer Gold over Seals).

If you are interested in learning more and joining our Community, please reply here, PM me, or join our Chat on Discord.



join us, climb the ranks and enjoy!!!


Jump into the conversation at https://discord.gg/JZFddSA

PM me now or reply here to Join DruidsGlade. >250K Gold, 1000 (prefer 1500) Seals.

Join our vibrant online Community! :smiley:



c’mon there’s a spot waiting just fro you!


Spots are still available. Come join a create community. :slight_smile:


DruidsGlade is Recruiting. Our Guild is level 316 and our League Rank #52. Contact me if you are interested in joining!



If theres still spot open Iam interested in joining.



Hi PsychoHamster. I sent you a PM on Community Chat. Can you join Discord and continue the conversation?


My Friend invite is NowayJoe2Go#0766


Welcome to DruidsGlade, PsychoHamster!

We have an amazing Guild of Gamers from across EU, Canada, USA, and Asia. Come join our Crew!! Currently Recruiting for One (1) Seat! :smiley:

Message NowayJoe2Go


last spot open,
if you can meet requirements and be active player propose yourself and join!


Hi, i’d like to join a more active guild than the one i’m in now

Can do 250-300k gold
Lvl 330
1000+ seals
rank 1 in PvP every week
Invite code AXELF


Welcome to DruidsGlade Axel and Keign! We are thrilled you’ve chosen to Join our Community of Gamers! :smiley:


DruidsGlade is currently Recruiting the next Dragon Prince!

Can you deliver 500K Gold in Contributions and 1500 Seals weekly? We are close to 40K in weekly Seals and we are looking for YOU to make it happen! :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

Join us at https://discord.gg/JZFddSA Friend me on Discord at: NowayJoe2Go:0766



i play this game constantly and get the seals but i dont have the money cause i recently spent a lot of it on guild quests before i left them looking for a better guild, ive been playing this game for 2 weeks and already have 60 hours on it in total, is there still a possibility for me to join?


i just joined the discord


This is a great guild. Have been in for a week and loving it!


Been in this guild for a while and I can tell you it is great! I have never been in such nice community as this before. If you can meet the requirements and you are an active player than you should definitely join us!


This is a amazing Guild. Nice People to play with.
I have been here for a couple of month in this Guild and we are growing.
We are also all on Discord. A gamers chat room where we can change thought 's etc.