I've been banned

What the… I purchased another Kris Kringle but I ended up with 6 totaled Kris Kringle earlier this morning but when I tried to play just now I got that I’ve been banned for hacking…It has something to do with the Kris Kringle…DO NOT BUY TWICE…Who do I reach out too???

This sucks.


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How do I contact the dev team? Can you help me or give me the devs info? My account is on XBOX SERIES X and my gamer tag is CHILLWILL901

Use the second Zendesk link I posted to submit a support ticket.

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I tried setting up a ticket but it wouldn’t allow me to submit a ticket. I tried logging in but it said incorrect information. My login here would be the same for me to set up a ticket right? If not can you please help me…I’ll be on vacation starting today and I would love to play my G.O.W.

No, you need to make an account with the zendesk site. You can also submit tickets without but I’d you have an account you can check your old tickets.

Hey Graeme,

I just submitted a ticket myself.
I am GM of Dragon Army on Xbox and received the same message.
Thank you for your support!


Im on XBOX SERIES X and I just submitted a ticket…how long do you think it’ll take before a response? Can I have your XBOX gamertag to reach out to you if possible?

No one knows.

Someone who got banned later than me and submitted a ticket later has already been unbanned.

Could be minutes, hours, days…

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Ok…I’ll keep my fingers crossed on getting this resolved soon

They’re asleep right now so it will take a while. But should be happening soon. :crossed_fingers:

When will then be now? Soon!