It's Voting Time! (Vote for your favourite entry in our custom PS4 competition)

Hello everyone, it’s time to cast some votes!

We recently wrapped up the submission period for our “Make Us Something Awesome” competition. You can read more about the prizes and rules in the original thread found here.

You, our community, now have the opportunity to vote on your favourite submissions! The top ten most voted entries will go into the final round, where the devs will decide the winner of the custom PS4 and then divvy out the rest of the prizes.

The voting will be open until the 26/06/17 at 11:59 PM AEST.

I’ve also had to break the poll into two as we had so many entries, so please only vote once for your favourite. We will know if you have voted in both. :stuck_out_tongue:

So, without further adieu, let the voting begin! Best of luck everyone!

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Gonna take a while before I examine then all, goodluck everybody! :wink:


Good luck everyone! Although I can’t participate I will still cheer everyone on

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@Troiya I see you voting in both! :stuck_out_tongue: (You can only vote for one, please go back and delete one of them.)

We can only vote for one?

That is correct. :slight_smile:

That’s hurt!! So many good entry

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Oops! Yeah I didn’t really understand what it was doing with two
separate! I’ll go fix it :slight_smile:

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Oh no I voted in both sets too. How do I delete a vote?

Too many good entries.

Lol, couldn’t make my mind up over the beanie or @Sidousai novel.

@Saltypatra can you make it so we get two votes? :stuck_out_tongue:

I cannot remove my vote… Is there any trick to do it?

Quit the page and come back

Edit: oops nevermind when you come back the vote reappair

Not working… I tried to click on my vote which seems to remove the vote but as soon as I come back, the vote is also back…

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Yeah same here sorry just realise it was doing this

I’m so excited!!
Good Luck everybody!!!


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Alright team, looks like we need to start this again as we cannot delete double votes.

Head over here to vote again, you can now vote up to 6 times total. Let's Try Voting Again! (Vote for your favourite entry in our custom PS4 competition)