It's time to vote with our wallets

Back Story
I started playing in July 2018 and it was only a couple of days before I was hooked (I remember playing a lot of Treasure Hunts!). I bought those Mini VIP packs just a few days after starting. Then in October I bought the $50 Deathknight Armor because I knew it would return its value to me over time.

I’ve purchased the Ring of Wonder many times, mostly because of the 50% gold bonus. I wish there were other “Rings” that would boost things like Gnomes or Mythstones.

I’ve also purchased the Vault Key flash offers nearly every month and the Deed flash offers. The flash offers are great gem values compared to the other gem offers in stores. So I’ve spent a fair amount of money on this game, about $30 per month.

But mine and everyone’s spending should be a reflection of the quality of the game. I think many have forgotten that this is a Free to Play game. It’s only Free to Play because there are people who spend money on it, and I’m quite certain people spend a lot more than I do. But that should come with quality content. But there are so many things that have me holding back…

Things That Will Earn My Money

  • Faction troop design and synergy for pure faction runs, specifically without the use of potions, especially for older delves that only show up now on Tuesdays (see existing thread on this)
  • Chaos Shards should work like Guild keys: if you have 4x of all the troops at Mythic, you should only get Treasure Troops, and it would be great if I could use more than 200 Shards/10 keys at once.
  • Content balancing for existing troops/weapons (underpowered Mythics/Legendaries, overpowered weapons like Life and Death and Rope Dart)
  • Class redesign on old class traits (e.g. Knight, Necromancer, Priest, Warden, etc.)
  • Class redesign for talents (especially level 100: Fortitude, Lord of Storms, Fireblade, and Rising Shadows, vs all others…)
  • Arena revamp
  • Pet Gnomes in Explore (after we’ve been pushed out of PvP in lieu of Explore for Medals)
  • Treasure Hunt revamp, a use for existing maps
  • A use for the hordes of Major Orbs of Growth and Wisdom that players have
  • A use for the millions of souls players have
  • A use for the thousands of Legendary and Mythic Ingots, Arcane/Runic/Minor traitstones
  • Treasure Gnome appearance on Vault Weekends tied to explore difficulty.
  • Playing a class that’s level 100 should give bonus experience to your Hero. I almost never use the classes that I have at 100 anymore, because doing so means I’m losing potential experience for other classes
  • Daily adventures should never be useless to a player, but when an “adventure” gives me gold keys and 1 event key, or souls or traitstones, which I always skip, I’m annoyed. I’m level 1438. Why am I getting adventures that are tailored toward level 10. Today is Harvest Souls 1 with Team Score ranges of 500 to 1500, but I’m using teams that have a 15k score.

Quality of Life

  • When I click on “Games” it should always show me in the top left, the biggest icon, any event in which I still have sigils for. A lot of times on Delve, Bounty, Class, etc. weekends, I’ll “collect” all the rewards, but I’ll have a ton of sigils left, and the game thinks “Oh, you’re done with the rewards, so you don’t need to do the event anymore” so then I have to scroll over to the right and find the event to get back into it.
  • Sharing Delve teams is impossible if you have 0 sigils. It’s hilariously bizarre if you think about it. A guild member today said “I have a great delve team” and he listed out the troops and said “I’ll share it with the chat tomorrow, because I can’t access it since I have 0 sigils left.” If you don’t have any Delve attempts left, you can’t view your team for that Delve.
  • If you go into a Delve and select the first room and set up your troops, your class, all your talents, your weapon, all that jazz, then something comes up and you can’t start the first room’s battle… you lose all of that. And the weird thing? You can “exit” that room’s screen, then click on it again, and you’ll see your new team, but if you “leave” the delve on the map and go back in, the last team you actually used will be there. In other words: setting up a team in a delve only saves it if you start the delve, which uses one of your sigils.

Excellent and well thought out suggestions. Every single one of them.
Thank you.

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Good suggestions but unfortunately the devs won’t bother to read any of this because they dismiss lengthy posts like this now :frowning_face:


If you don’t mind editing your OP by quite a bit by shortening it a lot, @igniteice - it would be great. Then it will be a bigger chance that any of the Devs will read it.

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I don’t mind if the devs don’t read it, because I have a feeling enough players will read it that it will make some dent. After all, it isn’t in their best interest to ignore one person, or many. They should want everyone’s money. People pay for good game design, and this game is losing that. And by losing that, they lose money.

I cleaned it up a bit :wink:

January 2016 in Xbox land over here.

Though I could complain about much, quality of life and bug fixes have been the priority lately. The state of the game is the best ever, and I only see it getting better. I have a good feeling that the rework of the $$$ shop will make the peasants happy, with a much needed better value.

Yeah you have to keep in mind the devs tend to TL;DR if the post has more than three different complete thoughts in it. If you go much further you get a personalized chastising about how ain’t nobody got time for your thoughts.

That’s another good thing to think about when reaching for your wallet.


All great points except this one - medalling all current troops takes around 50 million souls. If 2 troops are released weekly, that’s 120,000 additional souls needed every week. Souls don’t need another sink.

It might not seem relevant now, but if medals become easier to grind and kingdom power levels are locked behind the system (which is the plan), it will matter for players who aren’t in the extreme lategame.

This is really important. The adventure board just disappoints me almost every day. Not a good way to start a play session.


I removed my explanation for this because of length, but souls come in much, much faster than the medals required for upgrading. I have 35 troops at Gold level, and nearly all of them are base rarity of Common or Rare, because the cost of upgrading for higher rarity troops gets more and more costly.

I am not worried in the slightest of running out of souls from upgrading troops. It’s never going to happen.


That’s very true for high rarity troops, at least unless things change.

I’ve fully upgraded 53 troops so far - mostly commons and rares. I started with over 1,000,000 souls in the bank, and I’ve been completely bottlenecked on souls for a long time now. I get about 10,000 a day through tributes and doing daily content with a soul farming team.

For reference, I’m using dragon soul/purple storm class/pharos ra/leprechaun, which is extremely fast and gives 255 souls per battle with my boosts. I highly recommend the team to anyone low on souls.


+1000 to no more soul sinks

Yes, many of us oldbies are sitting on a massive hoard of souls. However, that isn’t true for the vast majority of players that came into the game after us.

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I’ve only been playing for a year and a half and I am still sitting on 3.2 million souls after upgrading 35 troops to max and making dawnbringer. I’m not asking for another reason to need to FARM for souls, I’m asking for a way to USE existing souls.

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Graeme The Gra King
Good suggestions but unfortunately the devs won’t bother to read any of this because they dismiss lengthy posts like this now :frowning_face:

@igniteice This this this. I love everything in your post (well, almost everything). Please try posting just a few in separate threads over time because I would love for the devs to see them and at least consider them.

As other said, souls are a valuable commodity for many players.

For balancing existing content, I would love for buffing rarely used troops (i.e. almost all of them) to make them viable, even if for only for specific niches. Not every troop has to be useful, especially the lower rarity ones, but most of the legendaries and some of the mythics are effectively useless, which is unfortunate given how difficult it is to acquire them. This especially hurts newer players who will have few legendaries.

Here’s an idea for level 100 champion XP. The XP goes into a pool. When using a lower level class, XP is pulled from this pool as bonus XP. For example, each level 100 match adds 0.25 XP to the pool. 1 XP can be pulled from the pool at a time. This isn’t ideal, but the devs could support it since you still have to play the other class and it can’t earn the XP quickly. The numbers could be tweaked. I should make a separate thread for this!

Speaking of which, adventures reward 2 champ XP, which makes the fastest way to earn champ XP for the matches you can do.

Thanks for sharing your ideas and what’s most important to you right now @igniteice

Some of the things you mentioned are already on the “to do list” but I don’t have any details I can share right now sorry!

I like all of your Quality of life suggestions too.

I can guess which Mythics you’d like rebalanced for being underpowered but are there any specific Legendary Troops you’d like me to raise with the team to be reviewed for being underpowered?

Similarly with Class Traits, specifically which ones would you like us to review?

Happy to pass your feedback onto the team. Thank you for bullet pointing your ideas as it makes it very easy to highlight and pass on your thoughts.


Shameless plug…

…would be a good place to start. I would add, from the faction legendaries, the King of Thieves and the Mirror Queen.

For class traits, Knight and Oracle desperately need new traits, they are nigh unusable as currently constructed. Beyond that, Assassin, Barbarian, Diabolist, Hierophant, Necromancer, Priest, Slayer, Warden, and Warlord have underpowered traits that should be buffed.


Thank you @Mana_Surgeon I knew there was a Tier list for Mythic Troops, but somehow had missed the one for Legendaries!

I’m surprised to see Psion and Gloom Leaf on there! I’ll have a read later :slight_smile:

My pleasure! Just my opinion, though I have a LOT of help from the forum members who contribute to the thread.

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I like gloom leaf actually. But be my guest and make it stronger. I won’t be mad :sunglasses:


I would add Garuda whose Legendary trait is woefully underwhelming and Viper who, arguably, has the worst Legendary trait of any troop. 75% (or even more) reflect on Gloomleaf could be fun!

By your list it looks like a lot of man hours worth of work. Who do you think is going to spend the months, if not the rest of this year, doing all of that stuff you requested for free?

It is a free to play game, but the people working on the game are paid individuals working on a project, the same as you or I if we did this for a living.

Where your requests and changes seemed well thought out, it’s a lot to ask the devs to do in the hopes of winning a few of your dollars.