Is there any advantage to being a higher level?

So I’ve been playing quite a bit the last 10 days and I’ve moved from level 75 to 235 and I find the game is getting less enjoyable the higher in level I go. The PVP ranked and casual has become the same 2 or 3 teams over and over and they are all usually much higher score teams then I am for the most part (usually around the same level but the ability score or what ever it is that measures the “power” of the teams is usually at least 1 to 3k higher then I am).

At this point I’m thinking I want to remove my armor that is giving me the 100% xp bonus to just slow down the leveling or I won’t be able to beat any team anymore soon.

So the question I have is there any bonus or reason for me to keep going up levels as fast as I can or should I just concentrate on getting gold, souls and gems at this point forgetting about XP?



Great question and that’s why so many people think that they’re high level players because of the number attached to their profile. You can be level 500-750 and have a pretty low count of decent troops and traits and be a liability because of that in guild wars. I’d try to concentrate on farming stones for the troops you like using and any future troops you have your eyes on. Maybe use one of the gold boost armours only. I always completed the kingdom quests and challenges although that’s not always recommended by some people either.

I always say this but XP is worthless. High level mean nothing. You are only as strong as the troops you have, not level. All level does is give very tiny minor increase to mana surge boost. Thats it. Personally I think when devs advertise XP boost (eg in armors) I think “Only dumb players think this worth getting”. Is useless. Unless you collect the troops, all you be is 500 pound weakling. Sometimes I play against level 1,000+ player (I only lvl 422) and all I think - boy, you inefficient.

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You want to keep your XP gains as low as possible until later in the game. There is a hidden line at Level 200 that opens PvP up to all players (yes this includes 1k+).

Your over it there’s so there nothing you can do at 235. Work on your Invade teams synergy.

You XP Armor moved you too fast up the levels, It will be difficult for a bit but you’ll get through it, but yes the XP Armor is making the game harder before you have the necessary troops.

Oh and most importantly there is a MASSIVE problem with a broken troop. Welcome to ‘The Justice League’.


Now i’m confused. Is the goal to win PVP defense now?

I thought we wanted to have low score defense teams to have battles that are remotely fair to our own level.

The game offers me Korvash enemies that do 25 true damage and mine only does 19 in first slot. That is ridiculous.

If justice helps us win battles faster, great! But why slow everyone down by seemingly every player using her in defense?

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That’s because you haven’t upgraded your kingdoms to level 10 and 5*.
You’ll get an extra point of hp, armour, magic or attack depending on the kingdom you upgraded.


For example my Khorvash does 25 true damage and has 53 armour and 44 hp and does 30 attack damage. The only kingdom I haven’t maxed is suncrest and I’m missing an extra attack point because of this. It’s level ten but only 3*