Is the Ace of Runes in the Vault yet?

I’m sitting on a mess of Vault keys, but I don’t want to use them until I know whether or not the Ace of Runes is in the Vault’s drop table yet. I’ve been searching where to find this information and can’t get a straight answer anywhere, it’s just “it gets added 2 or 3 months after the event.” Right, okay, it’s been that long, how do I know what’s there? Where does it say what’s there?

I need General Edison from Adana as well (since the event where that troop became available ended much earlier than it ever had before and I got beat for actual $$$). Still, again, I have no idea if he’s been added to the drop table, because I don’t know where that gets posted, and searching for it yields no results. Am I just not using the correct terminology here? Can anyone help me?

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it’s there already

Okay, cool. Do you know just from playing or is there a page that says that somewhere?

There is no official information about this. We know it, when someone finds a troop. That’s the best we get. It’s one of those things, that development simply does not care about.


Oh. Well, that sucks.

From a guildmate.

Death Tarot is also available, by the way. I could copy screenshot from our guild discord but, hopefully, you trust me as it is.


There was an official announcement as per the below but whether these are always 100% accurate is another matter.


I personally received this card last week. In addition, Tarot Death is also available there, it was received by one of the players in our guild.


PC/Mobile by any chance?

Can confirm. Ace of Runes and Death are in vault for pc/mobile