[Investigating] Not loosing turn with void wisp

Platform, device version and operating system: Pc/android

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
When using a team with 4 Void Wisps, the wisps will create purples at the start if your turn. If these create a 4/5 match, it will flash the extra turn message. After that you can start your turn. But even if you don’t match 4 gems with that move, or when you cast a spell, the extra turn gets activated and you may move again. This should not happen, the turn should go to the other side
How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Always when the created purples match a 4/5. Both on player and AI side

Steps to make it happen again
Play with the void wisp or probably any other troop that creates a gem at the start of a turn


Hasn’t been noticed or added to Known Issues yet, I don’t think.

Got the same (probably) issue with other umbral units. Sometimes got extra turn after dark wizard cast, but didn’t look if an extra turn was announced in the turn beginning gems matches or not.

wasnt the extra gem created before you make a move? if that’s so, then the move after the gem creation is your normal move

Right but with a normal move or cast you hand over your turn right after. If they are matching 4 + normally first and then casting or making a 3 match you hand over the turn. With this bug they are saying matching 4+ with the ability banks an extra turn allowing you to do a move afterwards and receive the extra turn after that. With say 3 wisps and zuul goth you could with their third trait match 4+ at the start of your turn before moving gems or casting, topping off zuul goths mana then cast zuul goth killing an enemy and regardless of if you match 4+ skulls or not even if you match 3 skulls or no skulls at all it still stays your turn. Seems a bit broken to me.

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Yes…I don’t believe this is how it should be working.
For now this bug is something that can work in your advantage in pure 500 faction runs but I think it needs to be looked at.
If they say it works as designed, also fine.

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I have noticed I got an extra turn after casting Void Wisp a few times.
Twice I have seen the AI get an extra turn after casting Darkborn Warlock then Void Wisp right after
A member from my guild have gotten several extra turns after casting Void Wisp

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“it’s not a bug, it’s a feature”…

Yup, “working as intended”

Fwiw, I believe this has now been mostly fixed as of the last update (thread title can be updated?).

However, a small artifact remains, where the “Extra Turn” text doesn’t appear where the 4+ match was created until the next action occurs (which has the potential to be confusing).

This fix was not specifically mentioned in the patch notes, or would have fallen under:

or could have been related to:

Example 1


Enemy Fire Bomb finishes turn with a skull match.

Green Gem creation in middle-left of board results in Blue 4-match, however no “Extra Turn” text is displayed.

Text is then displayed after the resolution of the next match – 3-Green Gem match in the bottom-right corner.

Example 2

output-onlinegiftools (1)

Green Gem creation at top of board results in 4-skull match, however no “Extra Turn” text is displayed.

After a brief wait, 3 Blue Gems are matched on the left-hand side, and the “Extra Turn” text pops up at the previous 4-match location as this new match is resolved, despite there being no new 4-match created.

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Thanks for the update @Jonathan we’ll follow up on this with the team.