⭐️⭐️⭐️ Intrim 3 (ranked 97th) is Recruiting, 1 spot available!- Bracket 4 Guild Wars, completes all guild tasks, 40k seals, and 1-3 LTs every week. Looking for players who can do 150t/150k/1500 seals/30 GW battles weekly - join us today! ⭐️⭐️⭐️


We have one spot opening this Monday ahead of the next week of GW.

See other posts in this thread, looking for a competitive player who wants to join one of the top guilds in the game, for trophies, GW, and friendliness.

If you are interested, PM me or @Saluki

Happy Gemming everyone,



Thank you for the interest, we ended up picking up two new players instead of one.

We are currently full again, but feel free to be in touch about future openings,



Good luck with your new adventure, Tenebro and Chusta.


Good evening fellow players -

Intrim, Intrim II, and Intrim III are looking for new friendly faces to join us.

Intrim is the second ranked guild on PC. We have finished first in trophies 8 of the last 9 weeks. We are getting 500 gems or more from GW every week so far. We complete on average 30 legendary tasks every week. We are looking for players who are able to match our average of 900-1000t/week. If you are looking for a group of competitive players, to join some of the best players in the game, who also happen to be some of the friendliest, let us know.

Intrim II is the seventh ranked guild on PC, finishing in the top 10 every week in trophies earned, and currently in bracket 2 of GW. They offer the same friendly atmosphere with an expectation of 400-500t/week. They complete many legendary tasks every week, and share the same Line chat channel as Intrim.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didnt mention that the newly formed Intrim III guild for early game players and brand new players still has room in it. The guild formed earlier this week, and our total numbers of spots allowed in the guild has now gone up to 26, so we have some room for players looking for a no gold, no trophy, no GW reqs, but who are daily players and will join us on Line. Several of our Intrim and Intrim II members have now decided to make it their home. You can join them and our slew of early game and new players as the guild climbs the ranks.

We are, one big family. If you are interested in joining either Intrim, Intrim II, or Intrim III pm me, or @Saluki or drop us a line here on this thread, or find us on Discord or Global.

Happy Gemming,


Bump message


Still looking for one player for either Intrim I or II for this weeks Guild Wars.

Also always accepting new players into I3.


Bump. Looking for consistent, committed players.


Still looking to add someone before GW starts. Apply today!


Looking for a good home, we have just the place for you. 3h left before this week’s GW, come and join us


Still looking for 1 person for each guild.


Just a little something we found in our latest Legendary task!

Thats five so far, join soon you’ll want to be here when we find the next one!


Invite me level 71,

Code is - * Vergeltung *


Hi Vergeltung -

It says that code does not exist.

Let me know when you are on Global, and I can send you an invite from there.



Want to join Intrim III

Invite code YANNNANCY


Invite sent.

If you install Line chat app, where we do all our chatting, add merxian as a friend and I will get you to our Intrim channel.

Welcome aboard


I’m online


You’re all set.

Welcome aboard!


I pulled that! :grin:

Also, BUMP!


Good afternoon folks -

A new week, and looking for a few players to join us.

Intrim (2nd ranked guild in PC) is looking for one. We finished first in pvp last week, heading for a top 2 finish in GW this week and the 1000 gems prize that comes with that. We complete 30 legendary tasks every week. And we are a very friendly bunch. If you are looking for a change of scenery or want to try out a top guild for size and see if it is for you, let us know.

Intrim II (7th ranked in PC) is looking for a few players. They reach the great milestone of 800k trophies this week. They finish in the top 10 in trophies earned every week, GW wise they compete in bracket 2 and 3 every week. They complete many legendaries tasks. And are also an incredibly friendly bunch.

The main difference between I1 and I2 are expectations for trophies and GW. I1 maxes sentinels every week, I2 requires lvl 3 sentinels, I1 is looking for someone able to do 800-900t on a regular basis, with min reqs of 500. I2 is looking for players able to do 400-500t on a regular basis with min reqs of 300.

Finally, our starter guild Intrim III is rocking it. We have reached 20k seals in our first full week. Trophies, gold, and GW are optional. This guild is a no pressure guild for new players and early game players looking for a home, or veteran players looking for a difference pace. I3 finished the first 5 guild tasks of every color. We expect to finish the first 6 next week.

Anyone interested in I1, I2 or I3, you can reply to this thread, PM me or @Saluki, or find one of us on Global, Line or Discord.

Happy Gemming everyone,



Found a couple good people already! Still looking to fill out our rosters before the next Guild War starts!