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Incorrect power at kingdom power level 5

Kingdom power is increased by 1 when reaching kingdom level 10. It is supposed to increase again at kingdom power level 5.
Most of my kingdoms are power 6 or above and they all show power level +2 as they should. I have 2 kingdoms - Bright Forest and Dhrah-Zum that are Power level 5. They should be + 2 according to the power level charts, but the power level within the kingdom is only +1.

Platform is iOS. Version is

Have confirmed with others they see the same thing. Screenshot attached.



Sorry - here is other screen shot shows the incorrect power level as only +1, rather than +2

Also, forgive my verbage - was incorrectly using kingdom power level when I should have been saying skill bonus. The skill bonus is incorrect at + 1, rather than skill bonus level +2 for kingdoms at power level 5.

This is a known visual bug with the 3.5 update. Your troops are still getting the correct bonus from kingdoms. The visuals will be fixed in the next patch.