[Ignored by Devs] Incorrect Epic Vault battle rewards


Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I expected to get the 4x rewards from the Epic battle, but got 2 minor traitstones, 20 shards, 1 Chariot troop, and 120 Souls. The battle was done on the hardest difficulty setting.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Happened today. Not noticed it happen before.

Steps to make it happen again
I’ll not be using any more keys until this is clarified.

Are these rewards (whilst obviously terrible) considered normal for the type of battle undertaken? I could swear I’ve received 3x a troop when running an Epic battle previously. Has this changed?

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sorry to correct you or let’s say more correcting the official post:
In Epic Vault battles Cedric can random drop 4 copies of a Gnome/Raven troop, but only 1 copy of Daemon Gnome and 2 copies of epic rarity Gnomes (Baz Bonebeater, Cindi Savagelips, Fredi Fretfiddler, Hoagi Humbuckler). And can also only drop 1 Heart of Rage or 1 of the tarot cards.

Thanks for the replies folks.
I’m almost certain I’ve had x3 (yes x3, not x4) copies of a Tarot card before… but maybe this was the bug.
Are we saying that if you’re lucky enough to pull a Tarot card, then there is zero difference between the loot from an Epic key and that of a normal Vault key?

correct: 1 tarot only

…but the rest of the loot is unchanged? No x4 multiplier on the drops from the Gnomes?

only King Cedric has the 4x multiplier, not the other gnomes.
i know epic vk are pretty underwhelming…

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You can say that again!
…because everyone needs x4 Cedric :roll_eyes:


This is clearly out of date, as I got 3 minor orbs from Cedric yesterday!
Some clarification from mods would be appreciated…

I think that’s a normal part of King Cedric’s drop table?

…as do I, however it’s contrary to the ‘official’ line quoted above :confused: