Idea to change the Skeleton Key weapon

I’ve requested links to those sources or screen grabs so we can see the extensive catalogue of sunspear 3rd trait complaints for ourselves.

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I lol’d at this

This, very much this!

Only difference we need are colors that’s it, it is complicated as it is!
What if I take the wrong one and can’t find my way into changing it!!

This is a terrible idea.

I’m speechless again. Let’s ruin every single great weapon out there, and why not? Just to bring it in line with some class jeez. Enough already. How many of you does still use Dragon’s Eye? What? Never heard of such a weapon? Exactly!

Terrible, terrible idea that will be used by devs to claim that MANY many wanted it.

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Lol least skeleton key team isn’t class dependent like the phoenicia team. Seriously, I get you and everyone else are upset, but move on, there are teams just as good for climbing the board if that’s what you are after. I think the life and death/secrets of the crypt comparison would also work here.


I support this.

The #1 reason I’ve been told weapons like L&D don’t need a nerf is I’m a loser who wants the game to be too easy. Clearly Skeleton Key makes it way too easy for a person with meager resources to win games. This nerf would hurt losers like me, so I expect a lot of people to stand behind it.

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So you mean it’s very likely to be implemented by the devs?


No. Unlike some here, I don’t have any antipathy towards the devs.

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Milord, this idea is terrible.

All weapons are not created equal, and they don’t necessarily need to be.

These kind of posts make wish for a thumbs down next to that heart button . I’d smash the thumbs down on this one . :-1:

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I believe this was just a (bad) sarcasm thread (without the context inside) that got necroed. Easier to just let this topic die.


Context: The original post was made right after the change of Sunspear’s third trait from Firestorm at start of turn to +2 Mana when making red gem matches, with the basic line of logic being conveyed as to why it was changed being “x overlaps with what y does, so we changed x to be more in line with z instead” (even though, as was conveyed, there was no issue to this and said change would have been a massive nerf). This change was extremely poorly received and was repealed not too long after.

From the patch notes thread:

All replies in this thread for this weapon being changed “to bring it more in line with x” are of a clearly sarcastic tone. There were a few such threads around the forum at this time. The problem is, the sarcasm landed poorly even at the time (as can be seen from the initial replies in this thread) and seven months after the fact this kind of sarcasm isn’t readily apparent anymore for anyone without a good memory that was around for this happening, so I’m bringing this up for clarity. Once again, nobody in this thread is legitimately on the “for” side of a Skeleton Key change, and everybody “against” a change legitimately are against a change and are posting here either because the initial sarcasm didn’t land or they were afraid it would be taken seriously.

Thank you.

tl;dr: This post is a 7 month old sarcastic joke, no need to keep feeding it.


Maybe if we all start insulting each other we can get it locked. :slight_smile:

sure. Chunky, you’re an Orc!

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And you’re a thief, Idle! :facepunch:


Um, that’s not an insult. You are terrible at insulting. Fail Insult Fail. Yeah, sorry, my heart isn’t in it.

@Lyya, can you please lock this thread so people don’t take it for serious?


Locked as requested. I’m sure that’s the last of the sarcasm you’ll see on this forum!