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I will test the trait stone RNG for you

Good morning everybody and happy Friday :slight_smile:

There’s been so much talk recently about RNG in the traitstone farming process lately. I have really loved to see it.

The reason I say that is because this recent discussion meshes well with what I have coincidentally been working on, which is building teams then farming my silly arse off in various kingdom to see what soul / traitstones I can get in a 20 minute period.

So what I’m thinking is if anybody has a particular team they’d like tested (provided I have it reasonably built up), let me know the build and I’ll run a 20 minute test for you then post the results (and video).

I figure if I’m doing it for myself anyhow, I might as well satisfy the curiosity of other people who have been genuinely wondering if they have been snake-bit by RNGesus.

Let me know what you think, suggest your teams, kingdoms, etc. And if you have any notions about how I can do this work in an efficient and scientifically valid way, I’d appreciate hearing your thoughts as well.

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It would be great to know what team to use, and what challenge to pick, to maximise efficiency for each kingdom

Krudler: fast teams:

  • shadow hunter - behemoth - valkyrie - druid (WITH waterlink on SH,valk, and druid)
  • Bul’tauros - dustdevil - dustdevil - dustdevil (with empowered on dustdevil)

An interesting idea, but I do see one problem. Seeing as how different teams take different amounts of time to complete any given battle, and that 20 minutes is not very long, I would suggest instead going a certain number of battles with each team, which would make the test a little more statistic. Even posting how long it took to do said battles. Otherwise, the results of traitstones will be skewed.

I don’t think 20 minute tests are going to result in much.

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I’m sure Krudler is up for 20minutes PER kingdom :slight_smile:

Yeah that’s what I meant. 20 minutes is not long at all. That’s how many battles on average 5 or 6, maybe 10 at the highest. How many traitstones are expecting to receive from that?

We have aggregate data for several users on the relative drop rates of stones in non-explore mode here:

In addition, I recorded my arcane drops from Explore for over 1000 battles and posted my data here:

The numbers for arcanes seem to track, so its a fair bet everything else is pretty close and can be calculated for Explores.

Feel free to do your own tests, but it takes a pretty large sample size to close in on more accurate results.


It’s not to do a statistical analysis, people. It’s for people who think that the RNG is against them and want to see if its “just them”.

Wow, I underestimated how smart some of the people were around here.

Yeah I know the feeling. You can’t prove or disprove whether rng is against anyone if you’re only going to take that small pool of data.

Well what would be better? An hour, two? IDC really since I’m investing the time myself anyhow.

You don’t have to prove anything to me. I didn’t set out to discredit you. I’ve rather enjoyed your videos and think you should keep it up. All I’m saying is if you only spend 20 minutes like most people will, then get bummed out when they don’t strike it rich, doesn’t prove anything. You could do it for different time periods and see if the rewards change any for you. Start with 20, then go up. Just an idea.

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About 533K gold/week :laughing:

An hour or two would be better, but still not representative. What it can speak to more, however, is how different personal experience versus expectation can be. Its more of a “how lucky am I” as opposed to “how rare is x”. So long as you are clear about that, it is fine. Just trying to stop potential severely skewed data as being taken as “the way things are” for less informed members of our player base.

Like your videos, keep doing what you do.

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what means RNG?

Random Number Generator

If you do 1000 20 minute runs it would show how many arcanes on average you would expect to get per run!

I’ve taken a liking to my Legion of Boom.

Poison Master***

My Herdmaster’s a fully traited fully leveled mythic. Gorgotha only has 1 trait, and at his natural cap of 19. The other 2 are ascended legendaries at 19.

Leave it to the brony to have a Herdmaster out front. :slight_smile:

Hay, hay, hay…

I use Herdmaster because Herdmaster is buckin’ awesome! I’m not wasting the only fully traited mythic I actually give half a horseapple about!