I want to fly like Valvaren

Gnomes I totally understand why they can flee. They are 100% RNG based. And aren’t a game breaker if they do flee. You just miss out on rewards. Also, if you kill a Gnome and lose the match. You still get the Rewards (or should anyway).

Valraven was made to act like a Gnome in Raids. Except… Valravens are not RNG based. They are made to go into certain exact matches based on sigils used. And if you kill a Valraven, but lose the match then you don’t get the sigils. If it flees away successfully just one time. Then your chances of playing raid matches don’t just decrease by 2, but by much more. An amount that will be reported later as the data is collected. (Assuming my other guild member remains to be luckier than I am.) At the end of day 2…My thoughts on raids are as follows… Success is 100% luck based and how much you’re willing to spend on gems. Winning your match doesn’t matter unless your facing a Valraven. The only thing that matters is killing the Raid boss. So a player that doesn’t lose a single raid battle, can be less successful overall than a player who only beats the raid boss, and wins only the Valraven battles. #fail


Yes I had that today. Very annoying. I had also killed the boss, then lost the match. I got the credit for the boss damage - but not the extra sigils. @saltypatra that one should be notified to support. It’s inconsistent at least, and likely a bug.

  1. Killing a gnome and then losing does NOT give rewards, same as valraven. 2. Winning every match DOES matter if you wish to do the most boss damage you can for your guild.

Show me where it says you have to WIN the match to get the rewards. I’m aware of how it operates. That doesn’t mean it’s working as intended.
Your damage towards the boss still counts even if you lose the match.

Yes boss damage counts even if you lose. But the only way to get the boss to lv up is to win the match. Each time he lv up he has more stats = more boss damage per battle. I’m currently getting 800+ boss damage per match.( can’t remember exact amount) boss lv 415.

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Sometimes less is more. :wink:
But okay… I wish you the best of luck with your Strategy.

It’s mandatory to win the fight to get the sigils so that it will be more and more difficult to get free sigils.
Yes it’s obvious, but I just point out that it can implemented like that.

I truly don’t understand what you mean. It’s not a strategy, it’s literally how the mode works and if your guild wants to close as many portals as possible you need to try to win every match. Are you suggesting you can get a higher score by killing the boss then losing on purpose?

I’m not suggesting it. I’m telling you, people are successful despite losing battles. Therefore, outside of Valraven matches… Winning doesn’t matter.


The way they should’ve designed the Raids. Is you only use a sigil if you lose the match. So long as you win, you shouldn’t lose a sigil. I spent enough gems to get to tier 3. Haven’t lost a single match. And only one Valraven has run off on me. Here’s my current score after day 3. Which is less than 10% of the score that first place has. Yay me for winning every match. Lol

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You’ve won every raid battle so far, that’s great it means you have the highest score possible with the sigils you had (except for the raven that escaped). But here’s my point and it’s a fact. If you had instead killed the boss and then lost even a single one of those fights your score would not be 8750 it would be less. If you can’t grasp this concept then I give up.

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You should’ve given up, before you even tried.
I’ll leave you with this…

I really wish the leaderboard showed # of sigils used. Maybe then you would begin to understand that player’s score…maybe.

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I really wish that someone who has played something for 2 days now. Wouldn’t be so boastful to assume that they know everything about the Raids already. I have data to support my argument. You have an opinion that your own huberous has mistaken for fact.

Is this what you giving up looks like? Or are you just unable to walk away without the last word on a matter?

I would love to see this data that proves losing can give you a higher score than winning.

The above pic of player at rank #15 only means that he bought a buttload of sigils and lost a lot of matches. If he had instead won every match his score would be much higher.

For example, 2 players each play 50 raid battles and one wins 50/50 and the other wins 45/50. Who do you think will have the higher score? Of course the first one. The second player can of course purchase more sigils and catch up to the first player’s score if he wants to spend more gems. So now they have the same score but the first player will have used less sigils and his boss level will be higher.

Is it easier or harder to kill a troop that has a 100 armor/life or 300 armor/life?
Better yet… explain to me the odds of killing either before it “flees”.

You have to look the big picture. You’re too focused on “must kill boss, must get harder boss, that will win for sure”.

The big picture is to score as much boss damage as you can for your guild based on how many sigils you purchased, correct? You want to squeeze every bit of value you can from each sigil don’t you? Then you need to win every match.

If you truly believe you’re better off losing then starting tomorrow go ahead and do it. Then at the end of the week compare your score to a guildmate who won every match and purchased the same tier as you.

Thanks for the great idea that I already intended to do.:person_facepalming:
I can’t lose every match mind you. Still have to win against the Valraven… To get more sigils… To continue to play.

I mostly agree with Fleg about this matter, but I also get what Awryan trying to say as well.

This is the calculation of 2 plans to maximize your boss damaged; play more easy battles (win in Valraven fight only, lose to others) and play hard battles in smaller numbers (win every fights you can/risking Valraven fly away).

Boss stats increase every successful battles by 10. In my experience, Valravens come in very steady rate, around in every 5 battles. I don’t know the actual drop rate, but let’s work with that for now for calculation.

Plan 1 - Win only battles with Valravans

Starting with 100 stats on boss, with 100 sigils left. If you win all, that is (100÷5)×2 = 40 more.
You can continue to fight and get more sigils, so it’s actually 100+40+16+6+2 = 164.
So is this result after 164 battles, divived in 33 group.

(100×5)+(110×5)+(120×5)+…+(410×5) + 420×4
= (500+2,050)×(32÷2) + 1,680 = 2,550×16 + 1,680
= 40,800 + 1,680 = 42,480

Plan 2 - Win all battles

Staring with 100 stats and 100 sigils as well, with supposed Valravans fly away 25% of the time. That means you get only 15 Valravan instead of 20, with is 30 sigils. Continue to use same math as above, it’s 100+30+10+2 = 142. This is the result after 142 battles.

= (100+1,510)×(142÷2) = 1,610×71 = 114,310

This is assuming you able to win all battles. players will tend to lose more level and more Valravan flying away at higher fights, so the actual result will be a bit lower.

Despite the risk, I think it’s more rewarding to try to win every battles.


At somepoint it’s pretty possible that the only fights most players can win are the ones where a Valraven appears, because it takes the place of one minion with huge stats. And even in these when it explodes gems things can go wrong.