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I think explore is a rip off

I use the Progress Banner (R/Y) to fill up Bul’ Taros as quick as possible. Since Archer has Fast it only takes 8 mana to fill Crescendo, plus a lucky Bullseye can take out a high armor/life troop. Two empowered Soothsayer blasts in turn 1-2 can often fill both Archer and Bull, then activate Crescendo with a followup Bul’Taros. Easy peasy :wink:

The only problem there is that Bul-Tauros does overall damage while Crescendo does true damage, I believe. It’s not usually efficient to use both types, you should focus on one or the other.

I’ve actually run a team with just Bul-Tauros and Mercy. Mercy charges BT and buffs his life and then he fires and it’s over.

Hmm that combo sounds interesting! What other troops do you use to ensure Mr Bull is the weakest thus receives her blessing?

I do like the team I put together because I can almost always get Archer Crescendo filled after two Soothsayer explosions, and Bul’Taros more often than not. Since most Explore defense teams have a troop with 13 life or less I fire it off to wear everyone down, kill one or two to get the extra turn, then Bull does the killing blow. Nothing I’ve come across in Explore normal difficulty can survive that tag-team.

Works only sometimes, but you can put him in the first slot and bait out/purposely line up skulls for the enemy. They’ll hit his armor, usually making him the weakest depending on what else you are using. This is pretty much the only way I can get mercy to hit my Bul, since hes mythic and has has good total defensive stats to begin with, six points more than my Legendary ascended Mercy. The ~80 damage he provides with that is usually not near enough for me to one-shot most explores, though.

Do you have the full results and percentages written down somewhere?

Yes. I only recorded arcanes, though, so I didn’t have to stop and make a note after every single battle.

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I do not think explore is a rip off. My reason is the definition of rip off. To be ripped off is to have bought something with money just to find that it was worth less than you payed. With explore you are not paying more than your time. You earn gold and trait stones so your time is not wasted. Is your time worth the gold/souls/trait stones? That is up to you to decide but for me i do not consider it a rip-off.


Actually none. I leave the last 2 slots empty. Mercy has higher total because I don’t have BT ascended. Her first trait also gives her +2 life.

So I will run BT in the first slot and Mercy in the 2nd and that’s it.

@Emos tried your build for explore mode and I must say it’s the most
efficient/fast I found so far. Thanks for sharing.

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Back on topic yesterday I had better luck. I managed to get 1 Arcane from
each of places I farmed. Wasn’t counting, so this is just an estimate but I
think I got a drop every 20-30 games. I believe I got a celestial as well
from each world.

Explore would probably be better if it gives some other unique resources.
Or if it gives a much better rate of Arcane drops.
As it is, for many older players, Explore has very limited attraction factor.

Being close to lv 500, I disagree. It’s great for traitstones and it also gives a nice amount of souls if you take the chance to use Valk. Battles are easy, so they’re very quick. Not only good for Arcanes, I also get Runics and Minors, which I usually need more of, not to mention you even get some gold (I usually get around 600-700 gold). It’s totally worth it, while not entirely ruining dev’s earnings on selling Arcanes for real money to those who don’t wanna grind. But, yeah, it’s a grind, and it’s supposed to be, but it’s A LOT better than any other current method.


Exactly. Explore is the best place to farm souls, without mentioning it’s the ONLY way to trait out legendaries if you don’t want to wait for event bundles.

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So last night I decided to record a 10-minute video of me farming for traitstones so I could show my guildmates what I was doing. I got lucky with Arcanes, so I decided to post it here as well.

Even if we consider I got lucky, it shows that it is possible. The key, IMO, is finishing battles as fast as possible.

Also, I’m not saying my team is the best one, but it works well enough for me.


You’re absolutely right, it’s all about the speed. I do hundreds of explores a week.

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Has people’s luck with getting Arcanes in Explore gone down since the update? I know that RNG can be a cruel taskmaster but I’ve been in a really serious frustrating drought. I’m lucky if I can get one Arcane to drop after a solid hour of play each evening, quite often it’s been zilch. I play on normal and use a team that does a team wipe by turn 3-4 thus well under a minute each. Half the time after playing 60-70 explore games with no drop I just give up, and it’s been for the third straight night. It’s just been demoralizing…just wanted to moan!

No, not at all. It’s completely random. I posted a thread a couple weeks ago about Divinion Fields being stingy.

Yesterday I got 4 arcanes in Divinion in about 4 hours. I play on normal with a team that often wipes 2nd turn, so well under a minute but I also played quite a bit of PVP, so I probably did 50 Explore matches and got 4 stones.

Can you link me there man? Also, I just happen to be needing the Arcane Plains so I’ll be in Divinion for the next few hours. I’ll stream and link the vid later.

Explore mode drop rates different for different kingdoms?

Cool thanks.

Ok I just did a stream and 35 minute test, but it ended up being a disjointed, rambling rant about this silly woman I attempted to have a date with.

So the run itself was garbage, my brain was scrambled up like a dog’s breakfast, and I’ll have to redo it to get real results LMAO

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