How to rectify the problem with the missing Event weapons

Dear Development Team,

Unowned or missed Event weapons should always be available for purchase.
There should be no waiting for Kingdom cycles.

There should be the option - $/€ sign (interface option) below each weapon, so that you can purchase it. Each weapon should cost around $5 / 5€.
If this can’t be done right away from the start, there could be fixed Level requirement of 500.
Still, I don’t think that this is even necessary.

Also, the Weekly weapon of a currently active Kingdom should be removed from the Store, and the only alternative should be the ability to craft it in the Soulforge either for the same cost when it was released - when the weapon first came out, or twice the cost in resources, for Jewels / Diamonds to compensate or justify its cost.

Thank you for reading my suggestion.


I would be intrigued to know what equivalent ‘gem value’ the developers would put on purchasing to tier 4 in the weekly event to obtain the weapon at the time. Based on the price of gems in the store, you would probably be looking more like $50 plus!

I agree though and many have echoed the sentiment, either through soulforge or by direct cash payment the older weapons should be available for people who didn’t get them at the time.

I’m sure if it was direct cash payment there would be quite a few people that would take up this option, and I personally can’t believe that the developers would overlook this opportunity to make some $$$$$.

This isn’t really a novel suggestion and it’s been panned a lot in the past, though at this point ‘any solution’ is better than what we have.

The main argument against this is it violates the statement, “GoW is F2P”. It’s arguable you need a handful of weapons to be competitive. If the only way they are available is “once every 3-5 years for free or $5 any time”, that’s effectively saying “Pay $30 to be competitive, newbies.”

Things that cost money can only be part of the solution. Players want GoW to maintain the quality that you don’t have to pay to compete. The solution should start with, ‘How do you do it for free?’ and end with ‘Here’s how to use money to do it faster.’

We don’t even really have that reliably for troops, but what we have is tolerable because it only takes about a year to catch up via free play. Currently, with weapons, it will take several years.


We already have weapons that can only be obtainable with money.

Three of the most popular weapons I have seen is Rope Dart, Earth’s Fury and Trickster’s Shot. I don’t own any of them and I still do fine in every game mode.

I miss earth fury too, rarely use Tshot (lately used on bounty but that is) and never used the Rope, all those tho are offensive weapons and can be replace more good or less by Mang (that i used to finish SoD and Rift).

You got Yas pride tho and i think that one is even more important for delves than the 3 you named, i used the Yas Pride/YaoGuai + extras combo on at least 3 of them (ASE, Crypt and Fang Moor), without it tbh i dunno what to suggest to those missing Pride.

I think a good compromise would be to have weapons available in the Soulforge, but have them require diamonds to craft instead of gems (and be on a weekly rotation like mythic troops). Maybe something like 2000 diamonds for the weapon, which would effectively make it half the cost of a mythic troop?

It both makes the weapons available, but costly to obtain as diamonds are the hardest resource to come by.


The game will maintain its F2P status regardless of weapons costing actual money or the gems-equivalent.
If they make them available for direct purchase, those wouldn’t get an unfair advantage over the other one who doesn’t buy them.
It’s rather the opposite - the ones who already own said weapon have a (somewhat) unfair advantage over the ones who don’t.

Remember the old days when they introduced the soulforge including the mysterious Dawnbringer and everyone thought ‘By this price, it must be amazing’?
Nowadays it mainly fills a niche roll as an overpriced collectible, yet still being available to everyone putting in the effort.

Even though not specific on a certain weapon, which is good, the OPs idea to rotate kingdom related weapons through the soulforge is the best I’ve heard so far.
Just have the ones that aren’t linked to gem masteries in the forge and that would give everyone the opportunity to seek for something that they are missing, not only troops or pets.

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Yes but this is a circular argument: part of why people agree there is a problem is the only viable way to get the weapons in question is to:

  1. Wait.
  2. Spend $5.

This is why I pointed out this thread (which should have been and is a post within the larger thread) is not novel.

You’ve got to make up your mind.

If “the people who already have it” have an advantage over those who don’t, then “the people who spend money” will have an advantage over those who don’t. It can’t be true that one group of people with the weapon has an advantage and another group doesn’t.

You, yourself, described, “People will spend money to gain an advantage”, which is what I pointed out is the thing that makes people itchy.

Just put them in Soulforge at a cost between Legendary and Mythics (3000 diamonds), one per week. They are used by hero, which sooner or later becomes a mythic troop (passed level 500), but are only 2 colors, so not worth as a 3 colors mythic weapon.

This is why having one central thread is better than everyone making a different thread for each individual idea. Every thread includes different people producing the same “simple” solutions that have the same flaws they did in the last week’s thread.

The numbers make “one per week” intractable unless we narrow it down to a small set of “weapons that matter”. You’re suggesting 4 years before the cycle rotates, and by then there will be ~50 new weapons stretching the cycle to 5 years.

good point. 4 per weeks then, like Legendary?

Slip support 5$ per weapon you want.

Soulforge is the best idea. If for whatever they don’t want to do this (which is mind boggling) make more weapons with the same stats as previous ones instead of releasing weapons nobody is going to use for anything ever.

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