How is scatter damage/spell block calculated?

Kind of a weird question, but I’ve started noticing when I run Adana explores the only factor on whether or not spell kills TINA is what slot she’s in. If she’s in the first spot, she (and the rest of the enemy team) dies. If she’s in any other slot, the same exact cast will kill everybody but leave her. I don’t feel like it’s not working as intended, just thought I’d ask if anyone had any info on how this interaction was calculated so I could plan my casts better in the future.

Truth be told, I could just be missing something like other units having lower attack when TINA is in a different slot as I imagine they’re roughly set battles as well, but the slotting was the first thing that jumped out at me.

Her trait reduces the scatter damage just for her.


I’m very grateful to Alpheon for having explained it there.

I don’t really like how damage can be spread amongst enemies that would already be dead, whilst a Troop with Spell Armor may still live, though.

I have actually thought about it a little since the initial explanation.

  • I think it’s important that Troops with some level of Spell Armor aren’t targeted more as a result of having that protection, which I think is what Fourdottwoone’s original suggestion would end up doing (as much as I agreed with it and liked the simplicity of it, originally).

  • I do, however, think that the game should recognise when the damage dealt has been enough to kill one or more Troops, and stop including them in its distribution.

    • This would involve calculating the health of a troop to include its spell armor, per Fourdottwoone’s suggestion

    • This could lead to some awkwardness in the spell cast (and maybe programming as well, I guess), kind of how the new re-targeting mechanism for Tina etc. increased the timing gap between bits of damage



I would essentially argue that the excess damage should prioritise damage to troops with the spell armor trait (or any troops that are still alive, which will invariably be troops with the spell armor trait, albeit perhaps to different levels with the different % reductions). This is instead of “any troops that were initially targeted with Scatter damage”.