How does tribute work?

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Got a quick question about tribute. Is the frequency you get tribute and the amount of stuff you receive from it primarily determined by your home kingdom or do all your kingdom’s tribute bonuses apply cumulatively? If anyone could give me a little bit more clarity on the mechanics behind it I’d be very grateful.

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I’ll simplify it real quick for you.

| Each kingdom has a level.
| 1 Level = 1% chance of that kingdoms tribute.
| Each kingdom has a max of 10 levels, so each kingdom maxes at 10% chance of it’s tribute.
| Home kingdom does not effect tribute chance, only levels do.
| Tributes can stack. Meaning you could have every kingdom offer it’s tribute to you at the exact same time.
| There are presently 18 kingdoms. But only a few with 8 obtainable troops. So most max at level 9 for now.

If you maxed every current kingdom to 10, you’d have 180% chance of tribute. Meaning (nearly*) guaranteed at least one tribute per hour, and a good chance of two tributes.

(*) I say “nearly” because though the chances are excellent, each kingdoms tribute is calculated separately.

Anything you don’t understand, feel free to point it out.
Good luck and I hope you enjoy your time playing GoW!

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Cool, thanks very much Zelfore, I think that pretty well clears everything up for me. I suspected that was how it worked but wasn’t sure.

Enjoying GoW every day.

Does your home kingdom have a chance of offering you tribute? If not I should change to a level kingdom to increase my chances of getting tributes.

Long-ish answer: Tributes are not effected by your home kingdom in anyway. The only thing that effects tribute is each individual kingdom level.

Short answer: Yes, your home kingdom can offer tribute. So don’t worry about changing.

Just a question about Tributes:

I see in this forum this map Detailed Kingdom Map

Is the tributes are just …? In which he has found this information …?

Thanks for response

The tributes from that map are all correct. You can determine which tributes come from where when you get just 1 tribute, it’ll say the name of the kingdom before you receive it. However, multiple tributes will skip the kingdoms names.

A good suggestion is determining which type of tribute you want, then focus on leveling those kingdoms. Remember that each kingdom can only offer it’s tribute once per hour, so try to level multiple kingdoms if you want more of a certain tribute type.

250 Gold:
Broken Spire
Maugrim Woods
Pan’s Vale

40 Souls:
Mist of Scales

10 Glory:
Divinion Fields
Forest of Thorns
Sword’s Edge

NOTE: Multiple Tributes yield you extra rewards of keys and gems.
2 Tributes = 2 Gems/1 Key
3 Tributes = 10 Gems/2 Keys
4 Tributes = 15 Gems/3 Keys
5+ Tributes = 20 Gems/4Keys

It was easy to notice that each kingdom always bring the same kind of tribute every time.
So we just collected the information for all kingdoms for some time and put it on the map

I’ve never seen any “official” information on the matter from the developers, so it’s possible it can change in the future.

I’d like to personally thank you for the fine map you’ve created. It’s a good directory for new players that may be interested in a particular mana of flag bonus.

While I myself didn’t use it for that reason, it has helped me determine which kingdoms I’d prefer leveling for tribute bonuses, and has helped expertly with that. =)

I must admit I use it also only for tribute info to decide which kingdom to level up next.
I memorized banner and mana bonuses long time ago :grin:

Hello, I have two questions about “How does tribute work”:

  1. If I don’t collect tribute for long time, will I loose it, or it will just stack up until I collect it?
  2. How often (in maximum) one particular kingdom can provide tribute (how often does it draw for tribute chance)?
    Thanks in advance.
  1. The gold will accumulate if you don’t collect it.
  2. You can collect Tribute every hour.

The bonuses from each collection of tribute only happens if collected, wont stack.

Best Practice is to collect your tribute each and every hour, it will give you tons of additional resources, keys, gems etc.

Also level your kingdoms and raise their stars as much as you can, as that effects how many tributes you get each time you collect.

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Thank you very much.



the chance for tribute and the amount of tribute is calculated separarelly for each kingdom, regardless where your home is

home only increases the amount of tribute brought from that one kingdom - if that kingdom happens to bring tribute

sorry im blind… that was very old question :sweat_smile:

you will loose the tributes, the base kingdom gold will accumulate but not the chances for extra tributes brought in

if you collect after 10 hours the chances for tributes (and amounts of rewards from those tributes) will be the same as after 1 hour, not 10x higher

Thank you. Good to know. So the optimal is to collect tribute every hour as AeroCloud already said.