How do I unlock Silverglade?

I’ve updated to Patch 2.2 and the first task today is to “unlock kingdom Silverglade”.
This kingdom should be at the top left corner of the map, but I found nothing.
I’ve unlocked kingdom Maugrim Woods whick is neighboring kingdoms that connect with Silverglade.

Anyone know how to make Silverglade show on the map?
Is there a level requirement? (I’m level 34 now)
Thx a lot.

I don’t think console people gets Silverglade yet…

If you do, then maybe you don’t meet the level requirement. 34 seems a bit low

Yeah consoles don’t have Silverglade yet. Coming soon.


Thx :slight_smile:


Mandatory sentence goes here :laughing:


It’s really odd when the first task is "unlock kingdom Silverglade"
took me 2 hrs to find this kingdom :joy:

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“Soon” lol, Could be 3 to 4 months with the kind of soon we get here

Not true at all. We’ve been getting a new Kingdom every month. Nim said to expect it in the next couple weeks.


It’s a task bug, ignore it, Silverglade is not available yet on consoles.