Honor system infos and rewards


‘Honorable’- Rank 1


Any sign of the supposed new calendar? Also, is it still 10 points per level up?


44 honor points/day = 22 dupe accounts?

I am struggling to understand the intention behind this Honor system, given that the execution is tied to resources and easily gamed (yet to find anyone voluntarily giving honor points to peeps outside their own guild)



Not likely. This person doesn’t even have an alt. She’s in the iOS crowd and couldn’t receive the honors until 18 hours ago. She’s well liked in the community and the SS represents that.
What was weird though, was 6 hours after that photo. Her rank was Respected 1, which didn’t make any sense since she received over 40 honors. But now it’s up to Respected 3.

I mean would it shock anyone if it’s bugged at all?
I believe her and others earned their ranks, don’t get me wrong. But not letting us see any progress, also removes any ability to know if it’s working right or not. 🤷


:+1: I kind of think it should be all one way or another - either remove all resource rewards (and replace them with, say, cosmetic ones, or some other community benefit), or make progress viewable (and more understandable).

Tbh, I think I’d prefer the first option, given the intent of the system (and the low value of the rewards).


Looks like it is 15 points per level at Honorable.

I’m Honorable II now.

Oh, seems to be 4 event keys for each level too. Predictably.



At least at this rate, the system is not meta-breaking if/once gamed



1000 gold per day? Wow, in 3 years you’ll have enough for a LT. :crazy_face:


This kind of underscores what a weird decision it was to tie in-game daily rewards to honor level. Either

(1) the devs make the rewards “worth it” (and people game the system to gain access earlier), or
(2) they make the rewards little enough that it isn’t worth gaming the system (but then people will ask why they should even bother, as above).


I was easily going to dismiss the whole system as a “this is for others in the game, just not for me”. But then they said I’ll get a pet out of the deal. Which I’m weirdly all about that leaderboard. So the devs got me…
One side of me doesn’t want any honor. :innocent: (I’ve broken my unhealthy dependency on social media.)
The other part says, okay, just enough for the pet.:smiling_imp: (I haven’t taken over #1 for max level pets yet… Only the subcategory of overall pet average… Then I’ll break that unhealthy side as well. Lol)

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Please don’t tell me you spent gems on the cosmetic pets? :scream:


I didn’t for most of the year. But then realized I’m never going to have the time to use gems to get natural power orbs to get Zuul’Goth. (I can only craft 4 Power orbs a year later after the start because RNG hates me in that regard.)
And… All I really care about is Kingdom Stars… That’s my end game. I wouldn’t be shocked if cosmetic pets are the only way to get stars on the kingdoms. So yeah… Around November… They got me. But keep in mind I’m vip 11… So this isn’t the first time I’ve fell for their tactics. 🤷


You also get 1000 gold for honorable 2 or it change?


Also if anyone can confirm this, it would be nice ty


Im not even sure it is every day, the calendar say 6 day remaining. So it might only last 1 week


Just reached Honorable III :smile:

Have gotten 61 Honor since reaching Honorable, difficult to see exactly how many points needed because of getting varying amounts each tribute.
Some of that number levelled me up to Honorable,

Yeah, 1000 gold per day for the remaining 6 days on the calendar.
I’m gonna be rich! :laughing:


Probably wrong when you consider the first thing is already wrong


And 4 event keys, right?



Almost at Exemplary now (I think.) :slight_smile:
Just need everyone on PS4 to Honor me ‘for research purposes’… :wink: :laughing: