Homebound guilds are recruiting! HB1 (29/30), HB2 (28/30), HB3 (28/30) Come and join the fun!


The new mythic dropped for me on friday - how about you?


2 openings in HB2 this morning, 2 in Hb3 as well. get in before reset!


Hi @Davis! If you still have a spot available in HB2, I’d love to join. I can usually contribute 600-800k/wk (sometimes more!), always get my 1,500 seals, and typically get 200+ trophies as well. Oh, and I always participate in the guild events. :slight_smile:

I’m currently level 764. Please let me know how I can join the guild if you think I’d be a good fit. Thanks!


Of course, if you think I might be able to keep up in HB1, I’m open to that idea as well, but I know I’m not at level 1,000 yet. :stuck_out_tongue:


hiya! all I need is an invite code and you are set for HB2. currently no openings in HB1, but we move people in the order they come when there is spots.


Hi, if there is still a spot in HB2, I would like to join.

While currently Lvl 522, I can provide 400k gold, 1200+ seals and around 150 tropies per week.


hello scavenger, we filled our HB2 spot earlier today. We have a spot in HB3 if you are interested. we move up within guild first. let me know! come visit our discord or dm me for more info


HB3 has a few spots open. Come and join the family.


Hb2 has a spot open for anyone who would like a group of 100+ people to help you out. we regularly come up with team ideas and dinner suggestions.

Hb3 for you newer players is open as well - join us!

Homebound 1 takes people who move up through our system -we may have an opening soon!


still looking for a few players!


One of our guild members just wrote a guide to this weeks event, with others adding their input. Join our guild for active participation between members!


join us before reset?


SUNDAY! its a great day to join a great guild!


HB2 is a the spot where we have most players over level 1k and we are beginning to get LT’s. join us!


still looking for players


We are about to move a player to HB1, leaves 2 spots in HB2 and a few in Hb3


Thursday night join party!


Homebound 2 is our midgame guild. 100+ people on our discord giving and getting team advice, planning out delves and other game ideas.

Join us!


what are you doing today? joining us!


SUNDAY! we need midgame players, HB2 is waiting for you!