Holy Flame

@Fleg totally agree with the sentiment. If I were a GM (I’m not a masochist, but I respect the GMs) and I know there’s always someone doing Tier 6, or hitting the leaderboard, I’d set my guild requirements lower. Especially with the scaling events, several Tier 6’s can equate to the guild requirement dropping by one tier or even down to zero.

Guilds that overshoot (get rewards on Thursday) IMHO are just inefficient and wasting other potential uses for gems. One might justify it as a sort of guild peace-tax, but what do we say about governments that tax more than absolutely necessary? Although for international guilds where communication is sparse or language is a barrier, saying “everyone buy T4” is much easier than arranging a roster for who should cover the 4x (out of 30) T4’s required.

FYI Weekend events
Raid Boss - Tier 2 required. ~6,380 from 35 battles from 17 sigils. Guild req 6,333ea.
Invasion - Tier 3/4 required. 50 battles required for 152 towers (guild req 150ea). Tier 3 reaches 47/49. Only 2-4 (?) Tier 4 purchasers to top up.