Holy Flame

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New Epic Troop: Sir Alamir Sir Alamir will be available this week for 400 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time. World Event: The Burning Axe There are 6 battles that players can encounter during the event: War Sphinx,…

Deja-vu feeling like a previous Orc event.

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The last time we had this set up (Locked On/Woe Is Me), I saw players (including in my guild and global) expressing these kinds of concerns, wondering if they were having bad luck:

It would be good if there was something in-game mentioning the slow introduction of higher point battles or some kind of demarcation in the World Event to signal moving between phases (to assist those not ‘in the know’).


So this week it’s Highest Rarity > LOWEST Level?

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Given that I don’t see a mention of increasing scores, I think you are correct.

Total points for reward #12: 170,000/guild - 5667/member
Estimated Point Range by Shop Tier buy

Tier  Sigils  Total Battles     Points
   0      28          60-64  3820-4140
   1      30          64-68  4140-4460
   2      33          70-74  4620-4940
   3      37          80-84  5420-5740
   4      42          92-96  6380-6700

Some Tier 3 buyers may hit the required share, but Tier 4 is required to guarantee it.
Leaderboard guesses:

   400 - 31020
   450 - 35020
   600 - 47020

Event troop restrictions: Whitehelm Kingdom.

Okay, sounds good. Let’s see, spell damage increase medal. Okay, I’ll use Gaard’s Avatar and blast all my enemies away! Okay, and I’ll use Holy St. Astra to give it a head start – All Humans start battle with 50% Mana.

Oh. Oh wait. Gaard’s Avatar is a Divine Knight. Okay, no problem, I’ll just use the Divine 40% mana troop, Divine Ishbaala. Ah, nuts, she’s from Leonis Empire. Well, no matter, at least Holy St. Astra will allow my hero to start at 50% mana. Wait, it doesn’t? My hero is Divine too?

Human (non-Divine) troops from Whitehelm: 10
Divine (non-Human) troops from Whitehelm: 17
Human+Divine troops: 6
Whitehelm Hero race: Divine
50% Mana start troop: Human

Human (non-Divine) troops from Leonis Empire: 12
Divine (non-Human) troops from Leonis Empire: 1
Human+Divine troops: 3
Leonis Empire Hero race: Human
40% Mana start troop: Divine

Stellar design devs!


This appears to be an exact clone of the 10/19/20 event scoring structure, just fish have become skulls now. That’s not a complaint, just an observation. I think it’s fine for the setups that work well to repeat.

At the risk of holding the makers of the game responsible for the enjoyment of the game.
It really sucks that after all this time I have to institute World Event Requirements in multiple guilds because you just randomly decided that the points would require an average of Tier 4 from every member instead of Tier 2 or less.
But you really don’t offer incentives for these tiers to be purchased like you did with Raids and Invasions in the forms of Troops and Weapons.

So thanks for always finding new and creative ways to somehow make the game less fun while making those who still enjoy the game try to talk others into playing events they don’t enjoy. Fantastic work… Really. :clap::clap::clap:


It’s funny - I was wondering why my guild was not going to complete this event. Usually, we do really well but we are barely going to finish Stage 11 this go around. I did not project out the tiers needed for this one but, an average of Tier 4 is a serious expectation if that is what is required to knock this event out!


I said this last week. This supports the idea of withholding applause for any “good” guild event. Anytime we get a world event that isn’t half bad, thenext event would probably be terrible or boring.

It’s laughable how I hoped I was wrong, but so quickly proven right.

Please make it standard after this campaign for higher level battles yielding more points. It’s no fun to continually fight battles with ridiculous stats for the same small amount of points.


Repeating the same point to the same repeated argument/request.

Scaling points reduce the “teamwork” aspect of “guild” events. When points scale, what is a job for say Tier 1 for 30 members (e.g. last week), becomes doable for a single Tier 7 x 7 member.

This week’s leaderboard #1 has (I estimate) purchased Tier 7 x 11, but is not even at 1/3 the guild-total points required.


I agree that teamwork is nice, but there is a difference between tier 4 teamwork and tier 2 teamwork. This event could be exactly the same, except scale down the total required points so that tier 2 is all that’s required (could even stretch to tier 3). All other world events have been around tier 2 or less since campaigns started.

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The first few world events (Campaign 1) were definitely Tier 2 exclusively. Then there was a Tier 0, then mostly Tier 2 again.
In the current campaign, the requirements have been:
I think we can give the game a pass for imposing Tier 4 here. IMHO.
I personally sneaked in at Tier 3 and 5680 points, ever ready to purchase that last tier.

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To be fair, it’s a tier 3 from everyone event and only needing a few to get tier 4.

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That’s assuming everyone wins all their battles and catches all ravens

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Of course, no different than when we have a “Tier 2” world event, it’s assuming all battles won etc.


Based on what math?
Because @cyberkiwi was spot on about his Tier 4 estimates earlier in the week unless somehow the Platforms are different. Which I wouldn’t put it past GoW.

5667 average needed from everyone. I got 5520 while others got 5680 from Tier 3. Like I said, a few would need to get Tier 4 to finish off last stage but that’s far from calling it a “Tier 4” event. 3-day Invasion is the same (I think only 4 members need Tier 4).

If our GM enforced a strict 5667 req then yes the majority of us would have to buy Tier 4 to get there like me. But that would just be forcing members to spend more gems than necessary.

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Tiers may be the same, but the cost isn’t now. They reduced the cost of Invasion and Raid Tiers.
I figured they did it to match the reduced cost in the usual world event shop to close all the portals on average.
Which is what made this week so ridiculous.
The hardcore players have no issue still closing the portal. The more casual players didn’t account for the double amount of play… Yeah it’s not just points… But play to make those points appear. And if the player didn’t have GA this week… It was a lot slower in comparison.

I’m pretty sure it was unintentional. Which is just sad because 90% of the game seems to be unsupervised these days. It’s all just a crock pot now…set it and forget it unless Salty gets tagged 30 times about it on the forums.

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