High scores for guild wars

First week for us on console so I was wondering what top scores were for the week, if you did all mono wins and lost 0 troops and what scores look like if you just do your pvp team and win. Feed back and screenshots are appreciated.

Statues level gives you bonus point, but it’s now limited to +50% at level 100.

You get more point for :

  • Each troops using the right color at the start of the battle
  • Each troop alive at the end of the battle (color is being ignored for this bonus).

The maximum one can get per day is 6300 for winning each battles having started with 4 troops of the right mana color and ending the fight with 4 surviving troops all while having the statue of that day’s color at level 100 or above.

I never really payed attention to how the points are counted though.

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Pc has had guild wars for 3 weeks, i’m looking for screenshots of high scores.

Well, if you are looking for an estimation of how much points one person could score, the maximum is 6300 * 6.

If you are looking for an estimation of how much the top guilds could score, last week, the number one guild was Anonymous, scoring 969 294 points.
The maximum score a guild could possibly score is 1 134 000.


Well if i could get some screenshots from people, I would love to sjow my guild,thx

there you go last week pc/mobile

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Points for players screen, not guild totals, our paragon had 31 k, is that damn close to a perfect run, losing only 1 match?

If your guild has the max color bonus of 50%, a perfect run in a day for a player is 37,800.


this is from current week,
today i did a perfect run of 4x color + all 4 units alive, but not every day

so no 31k is not a perfect run but its not bad one
notice that not everyone even did today so there will be more points (and our guild doesnt have 50% color bonus yet)

ps i dont think top bracket guld will be willing to share spy-info in public :wink:
we are just bracket 5


Our bonus is at 45 since our level are below 80 yet, and they did lose 1, so yeah, pretty damn close, i lost 4, so I hit 23 k. thanks.It takes a lot to come on here and post your scores like that, I agree, top guilds might be too serious to post that.I give props now,if you do.Should we make a thread?Flawless guild war runs.If you make it,I won’t get mad.

With a 45% bonus, a perfect run per person for the week is 35,280.

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you dont need flawless screen shots ppl already gave you the numers

@Annaerith I might be mistaken but I think @Santandrix is curious how people actual preformed not necessarily a photo of 6,300.

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if it’s going to be such an issue than never mind. We share screenshots of everything else so why not this? And it wouldn’t be for just me, it would be the whole community to see who did well. But Like I said if it’s going to be an issue then never mind.

I love brag topics! What great timing! I had 4 perfect :dizzy: Golden God :dizzy: days this week, and the other two days I only lost 2 troops. Even with this performance, I still barely eked out Paragon status. Our guild is competitive for those top ranks!

Bonus pic: announcing it to the guildmates:


Now that’s what I’m talking about thanks and great job!:ok_hand::+1: