Hero's race/type by kingdom

Hi Devs!

An idea is come to me yesterday. Since I was whishing for an orc hero for a while and none is on the horizon I thought how great it would be if the hero’s race would change according to where I set my home kingdom.
So if I would set my home kingdom to whitehelm the hero would be devine but not bound to the priest class.
For most sophisticated solution, there could be an origin/race/type marker and would be possible to set to a different kingdom, so i would have a home kingdom and a race kingdom.
Most kingdoms are used for specific races but you can not build a team for some troop type like orc.
It would solve all the team bonus problems and would provide a new aspect to the game to find most fun or powerful race class combinations.

Thank you for considering this idea.


I like it But then it will mess up our already messed up tributes. Plus 80-90% of players rather be stationary @ whitehelm

Why do people pick Whitehelm over all others?

I’ve never understood why it’s the most attractive option when something like Sword’s Edge exists and can provide the same 33 glory but also 818 gold…

Does kingdom power have something to do with it? Defending the home kingdom?

I rather like this idea.
It has his merits and it could indeed spice up the game a bit.
In our guild most of the players seem to like this idea as well. So from the scubadivers you get a big :+1:

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With bonuses and stuff I get 77 glory from Whitehelm when it’s my home kingdom.

33 @ whitehelm is low unless you haven’t reached lvl5 yet
Most mid-game and end-game are on 66-88 and that’s big margin

I’ve got Level 10 and Kingdom Power 9 at Whitehelm.

My Home Kingdom screen says my Tribute Chance is 36%, and the potential rewards are as follows:

0 gold
33 glory
0 souls

Making this my home kingdom would, of course, turn that 33 into a 66 (x2)

On the other hand, Sword’s Edge has a base rate of:

818 gold
33 glory
0 souls

which could, just as easily, be doubled by making it my home kingdom.

My chance at a tribute is the same at 36%, and the only difference besides potential payouts that l can see between the two choices is that l have Kingdom Power 10 at Sword’s Edge.

I could understand the difference if it is simply because Whitehelm can be at a higher Kingdom Power than Sword’s Edge right now, but I’m failing to understand based on the base rates.

Unless there’s something else l’m not understanding, such as the (unlikely, l think?) possibility that the “Tribute Reward” is a gold or glory else souls rather than a gold + glory + souls.

Edit for On-Topic stuff:

I think it’s a good idea to be able to change a hero’s type in this way, but l’d worry that it would make me want to switch my home kingdom around a lot.

Not to mention the havoc it would wreak on making defense teams as dynamic as they currently can be… If l want my hero to be an Orc (humor me :joy:) on an offensive team, it probably is not also the case that l want all of my defense teams to have the Orc typing.

However, if the option were toggle-able (on the hero, say, where currently you can choose to upgrade your weapon and such) between “type from home kingdom” vs “type from class,” l think the idea would be a good one :+1:

I love the idea but m still in love with glory lol But then again m not perfect and I believe the community could be the judge and it’s good topic for us to discuss :smiley:

Sword’s Edge at kingdom power 14, home kingdom:

Whitehelm at kingdom power 14, home kingdom:

I’d trade 963 gold for 38 glory all day long, personally. But I get that not everyone may feel the same way…



So the base rate does change when Kingdom Power increases, it seems?

Otherwise, I’d like to know how you’ve got better base rates, because I want them, too! :smiley:

Edit: I just changed it and also realized for the first time that the reward amount actually changes when you set the home kingdom—l thought the number shown was being multiplied by 2, not already doubled, so thanks for helping me out with an illustration!

I really thought my 818 and 33 were being 1636 and 66, respectively, when they paid out—to help those who might be confused in the way that l was, I think it might be helpful for the game to display just the base rate (or, at least, an equation that isn’t backwards—the product should follow the factors and equation symbols, rather than precede either)

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Whitehelm it is!

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