Has anyone got any of the 6 new pets from a rescue yet? Yes

I’m wondering if/when the “3-4 weeks” delay in pets appearing in rescues after initial release changed.

If you look at the older official posts about new non-cosmetic pets, it was always stated that there would be this delay but the text seems to have changed at some point.

Looking back recently to the Alex pet, it states: “Alex will also start appearing as a potential Pet Rescue from Pet Gnomes.” No mention of a time period before this will start happening.

thanks @Hawx for the confirmation basically.

devs completely silent.
not sus at all.

Maybe I should have posted this as a bug report and it might have got a response? :thinking:

I decided not to because the patch notes didn’t explicitly state that these pets would immediately be available from rescues after the update. Would have been nice if they had though…

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Just change the category to bug reports and edit the post to follow their “template”.

And that way it’ll be addressed.

I think people assume the devs read all tags
… But in actuality it’s rarely the case.


(seemingly) unwillingness to provide clear data, infos and dates - that’s nothing new, but still hurts again everytime if you enjoy this game and play since many years. It seems not very well thought through to make your customers feel that way, but this goes way back for so many different topics… The question is “why”. Is it “not knowing better & ignoring demand and critique”? Or is it just “not caring”? In the rare occasions we even get a (quick or any) response we get “very vague” answers that basically would like to tell us “we try to avoid anything about that topic - can we please close/del the thread and never talk about it again?”

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Hey, sorry for the delayed response on this one.

The team confirmed that the Pets that were released as part of the new starter packs like Arcanus’ Hound for example, are available in Pet Rescues currently.


How many players have triggered their rescues since release then?

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None came out in our guild last vault weekend.

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Our guild and the guild family which contains 9 guilds have not see any new pet rescues…

@Hawx Can you look at pet rescues announced in discord with the bot over the weekend to verify that the new pet are out or not?

@Kafka Did you mean the new pets are available currently starting today or when it comes out in starter packs?

It takes getting burned a few times by the dev-writing-styles (and I not only mean yours!), but then you realise how words and sentences are bent and shaped.

So, just my assumption: To translate the “dev-writing-style” for the players on this topic:
At best your “Currently” translates into “starting as of posting this comment”.
At worst “the team” gave you wrong information. Again.

Nah, nothing to be sorry about. Well done, I mean, the whole dev-team successfully ignored this thread (lets just say) “until vault weekend was over”. Goal reached. Get yourself an achievement…

“too early to tell” … “the real release date” (best case scenario,t see above) was just around 9h ago. :wink:

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There seems to be a bit of miscommunication here. Pets only show up in Pet Rescues 3 - 4 weeks after their internal release date, this seems to be hard-wired into the game. What the team is likely saying is that the new pets aren’t excluded from Pet Rescues (like cosmetic pets), so they are eventually able to show up. What players are saying is that the new pets aren’t yet showing up, likely because the internal release date hasn’t been set far enough into the past.


There is seems a lot of “new” things to come in 3 weeks…
The new pets, the fifth all seing eyes troop with shards, maybe the chariot on the vault loot table (usually the tarot of previous campaign show up in the 5th or 6th week of the current campaign) …

“BUY MORE HAMSTERS! Before it’s late! We dont want see other yellow or red icon when we log in the game…”

Looking at the bots data,

860 Guilds use the Garyatrics bot for discord (this doesn’t mean all 860 use the bot to alert their guild when they trigger a pet rescue)

When a player finds a pet they can use !pet rescue [pet name] 59 [role] and the bot notifies everyone with the assigned role eg [sparkle ponies guild] that there is an active pet rescue.

Of 2924 pet rescues triggered exactly zero of the new pets were triggered.

0 Arcanus’ Hound
0 Desdemona’s Familiar
0 Rose’s Parot
0 Shadow Hunter’s Hawk
0 Shimmerscale’s Egg
0 Zephyros’ Cloud

It is worth noting that I think @Fourdottwoone was spot on the money. Take a look at the release date for them. 3 weeks is… Today, so I don’t think they are in the pet rescue pool, at least not when kafka checked. I think the dev team saw release date was passed and assumed they were available to be triggered as a PR without remembering about that 3-4 week rule.

Also I think there’s a typo in desdemona’s familiar.

I will of course keep running the analysis and checking for these new pets


Thanks for checking! That was helpful.

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Weirdly enough, the spell text for the weapon “Desdaemona’s Bolt” got changed, from

“Deal {1} damage to an Enemy. If Desdaemona is on my team, inflict 2 stacks of Bleed.”


Deal {1} damage to an Enemy. If Desdemona is on my team, inflict 2 stacks of Bleed.

I guess thaeir daesign taeam might have some disagraeaement on how it is spaelled corraectly.


I predict bugs. Checks for Desdemona… Negative , no bleed applied

Maybe they aren’t ‘familiar’ with how it’s spelt :joy:

just realised all the Americans who use ‘spelled’ will be sniggering at my English English


I’m kind of hoping the spell script goes by troop ID, not by troop name. :see_no_evil:

It should and does iirc. But a little consistency would be nice for sure!

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Thanks for your work. And for basically confirming again what was already suspected.

At some point the pets will be available to find for the players and luckily @Hawx provides reliable infos that can at least partially track that progress. In theory this would also to some extent show if the %rate of finding them was tempered with. Mistakes can happen, but lately there’s a lot of them on several things. But they happen. To all of us. Just own them. This would work wonders for reputation. We actually play the game and “know”. If such Threads/Topics wouldn’t be ignored for over a week long and things would actually be checked up on and then adressed without sugarcoating that would be great.

Just imagine if the game would by accident hand out a certain resource to the players or “pay weapons” by accident. Dev’s be running, Usain Bolt style. :wink:
We still love this game.


does this help for the typo?

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