Happy Birthday!


You got your cake! Better a day late than never at all…


Happy anniversary in forum @Stan

Yes is not real birthday but is an anniversary, :slight_smile:
It´s like a forum birthday.

Have a good day all


Forum Birthdays count too!!!

HAPPY FORUM BIRTHDAY @Stan!!! :balloon: :balloon: :balloon:


A gift for my pal @Stan! Happy forum berfday brudda!


It’s time to party like it’s my burfday.


Happy Forumbirth day @Stan :grin:


That’s awesome. Thanks!


wow, you have the 15th of June and I have the 14th :stuck_out_tongue:


It might have to become your new forum avatar… :thinking:

Just sayin… :wink:


Lol now i get it hahaha i never looked. At @Stan’s actual avatar before


Happy forumbirth day @Hoop! :birthday:


and happy forumbirth day @Raphius ! :stuck_out_tongue:


Holy! Didn’t even realize! Lol can’t believe it’s been a year already… thanks!


Happy Birthday Raph -I hope you like chocolate!


Thank you, didnt realize it was today :smile:


is there cake in that chockolate?


Hoo boy! Hope you’re mailing that to me! I mean, I’m in Michigan so I can’t be THAT far from you, right? Hahah


Happy forumbirth day @Drathas :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks! :+1:t2:

That looks like some interesting cheese there. I wonder if it’s smooth or slightly gritty in texture.


When I first looked, I thought it was a lump of coal and wondered what you had done to get on Anna’s naughty list.