Guild Wars Will be Temporarily Offline

Thankfully you do not need GW to test those awesome troops! :smiley:


This is quite true.Thats why I thought I specified…in GW. I been destroying PVP. But don’t we all like it better when it happens in GW? Maybe it’s just me?


PvP is great to test mono colored GW teams too, as one are more often than not up against the meta teams. So train for now, and GW will come back within a month, I hope. :slight_smile:


Right on. I be doing that too. Excellent advice


The thread is still useful, the devs have said that there will likely still be more changes after the 2 weeks are up, so no suggestion is useless.

Suggestion- bury Guild Wars so deep its ghost can’t find it. Then never speak of it again.

Come on mane. Salty.

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As Salty posted further up the thread, all suggestions should be posted constructively here.


@Ozball this guys is here to complain only, i never saw him say something constructive


Methinks the dust should be removed frometh ye old banneth hammer


If I was a gamer playing this game and I didn’t love GW I would re-examine my life.


I feel like enough is enough.
We done heard all the whiney BS mane. I say only positive Thoughts about GW should start flooding the forum. Too much negativity.

Exception to the fact that it’s not available right now. This is the only valid complaint. IMO of course.

Please don’t be too harsh in me for my opinion.
I’m scared.



Salty throwing shade at people in the Western Hemisphere?

Don’t you mean Northern Hemisphere?

OH. SHADE. (Not. :stuck_out_tongue:)


I play on the Xbox One and I have been able to log on and play. So when is this going off line? I signed in today 7/25/2017.

The game is not offline, but the guild wars service itself is.

Oh ok, I read Saltypatra’s statement wrong. My bad. Brain? What Brain? It has been a long day already for me. LOL


When is this happening? What’s the date?

No news yet, they said it will be close AT LEAST for 2 weeks and we are in the 2nd week but it could take longer before they bring it back

Is this across all platforms? Pc& consoles? I play this on the xbox 1 & there’s been no messages about the servers being down

Servers aren’t going down. Only the Guild War functionality is disabled. It started last week at reset and goes for at least two weeks (so till next reset from time of writing). All other elements of the game will still work as normal.