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Guild Wars scoring is stupid

We had a member last week score 9628 for one day. Don’t know what the highest is.

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Agreed on this their original scoring was the best keep all your troops alive with the correct color and win for maximum , this one is more random luck on how fast you kill your opponent

Goodness you’ve never played against the Famine 2x/Psion team or the Goblins with the Brothers out front or the Justice league that gets the board and never gives it back.

Sorry not all colors have exploders for most players up to mid level. Granted the work around to that is use the explored and again take a penalty for not color.

I agree…especially for players up to midlevel, being penalized for not having a card is wrong.

I don’t know the highest but this is my personal best

As for single day score, the highest score I’ve ever seen was 7634 (before they added unique defense bonus) and 9633 (last week).


Next month or next year?