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Guild Wars Bugs

Simply… Why are they still a thing? @Cyrup

i could guess that because it has no sigil shop it does not exist in the publishers mind but im sure youll get some pr bs from one of the devs that will totally answer your question… xD

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I don’t think the mode will ever be fixed. If it was a money maker then I’m sure that the situation would be different, just like with all the other bugs.

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What bugs?

In all seriousness though, without specifics on what you’re referring to I can’t provide a solid answer. Additionally, we’ve responded before regarding our timeline for issue fixes, and you know that unless we have enough information on an issue we can’t resolve it.

Off the top of my head the only thing I am aware of that you could be referring to is this (for example). The team are aware of this issue but we need more information at this stage. This also only came up at the end of last Guild Wars and we have 3 reports in total. :slight_smile:

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Latest and greatest.

Happened to someone else today as well.

This is at least the third guild wars it’s happened in.
There was a different bug where a player would win a match. Get a victory screen. Then it would show up as a loss overall with the points that would come up for a loss. Has that finally been fixed? I figured I just hadn’t seen the bug in a while. Never read in the patch notes that it was fixed.

I believe that was fixed ~by 4.0. The team are investigating the other issue. Bugs have priorities based on impact and number of players affected, but other than that monetary value or game-mode does not directly affect the rate of investigation or fixes.