Guild Seals (after 4.4)

Given my past experience with guild seals and getting Mythics. And that combined with what I’ve witnessed from others the past 2 hours. I’m willing to bet this…

Isn’t just a visual issue. And that it’s really screwing with the drop rates in guild chests.

It’s one thing for me to go “unlucky”… It’s another thing for a lot of the community to have similar luck.
Personally, I used 34k guild seals (highly questionable) and 29k glory keys (given the low drop rate, it’s not questionable in my eyes) . I’m curious to hear what other’s used in regards to seals to get Champion of Gaard.

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1700 guild keys. That’s definitely on the bad side of luck, not too unlikely though. My worst streak took something like 3k gem keys (which are just a tad worse than guild keys).

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it took me 70 guild keys.

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No Mythic yet…but this is what I’ve opened so far

1550 gems keys
8100 glory keys
33k guild seals

Edit: On Xbox. and I give up on pulling this one. I’m not upset about missing w/ glory (since odds are 1:10,000), or Guild seals but the gem keys hurt (odds are 1:1000)

14k Guild Seals
800 gem keys
2,250 glory keys

For one, then 251 more glory keys for another.

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7200 guild seals here

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The problem is that the Mythic drop rate is low enough that you’re gonna need an enormous sample size to verify. Which also means there’s a huge expected range of keys needed for someone to get one Mythic.

Hence it’s totally expected for some folks to get it in a hundred keys, and some will drop thousands with nothing. Probability is a weird and fickle mistrsss.

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Isn’t this referring referring to this bug report where level 6 chest was displaying level 1 odds? If that were true, no one would be getting any Mythics from the guild chest. But it’s not and they already confirmed it was just a visual bug.

If all bugs were experienced by every single player the same way. Then there would be no doubt you’d be correct sir. But unfortunately, an Android user can experience a bug that a steam player is not.
Not to mention their servers were having issues last night. But my server can be different than the server you are on. And after 30-40 minutes of restarts and checking chat/ opening chests. It wasn’t until after my tribute was collected that I finally got the new Mythic from glory keys…
The past 10-12 Mythic troops were all from guild keys. :man_shrugging:
But those chests didn’t have any bugs associated with them what so ever.

The screen shot in your comment is exactly the same as what I posted in the OP. So not sure if your question was Rhetorical or not.

I was quoting your picture to make it clear I was talking about it. The linked thread is what I was referencing as the original bug report, and the visual bug you were talking about.

EDIT: At least it was meant to be a quote. I ended up just copy/pasting your picture :thinking:

That could be true, although I’d think it’s server sided. If that’s the case, none of the posts in this thread are meaningful until people post when they opened their chests and what platform they’re playing on.